Hotel Xcaret Mexico is the Best All-Inclusive Resort for Families -

Hotel Xcaret Mexico is the Best All-Inclusive Resort for Families

For a long time we avoided all-inclusive resorts like the plague. We had the impression they were all a sea of people jostling for a place in line at the mediocre buffet. Our minds conjured images of crowded pools, booked activities, lines for everything, masses of guests. There may still be some like that, but our recent experience at Hotel Xcaret Mexico proved there is a wonderful example. In fact, Hotel Xcaret Mexico is the best all-inclusive resort for families we’ve ever visited. As of now we’ve visited quite a few all-inclusive resorts, and this one takes the prize.

Hotel Xcaret

One of the reasons Hotel Xcaret Mexico is the best all-inclusive resort for families is its variety of choices. The property is massive but does not feel that way. It’s nicely arranged on acres of beachfront land on the Riviera Maya in the Playa del Carmen area. There are approximately 900 rooms of various sizes and configurations.

But what makes Hotel Xcaret Mexico unique in all-inclusive resorts is the care they’ve taken to include the needs and wants of all types of guests. Especially families.

A little hammock time is the perfect way to relax in Mexico.

What Makes Hotel Xcaret Mexico the Best All-Inclusive Resort for Families?

If you are into action and adventure experiences on vacation, they’ve got you covered. Perhaps you love to dine on elegant meals, sipping margaritas while lounging poolside. There are many options to do just that. If you have young kids and want to feel there are safe places for them to swim and play, Xcaret has planned for you. Maybe you want the tastes and experiences of authentic Mexican culture. Got that too.

All this and more are examples of why we think Hotel Xcaret Mexico is the best all-inclusive resort for families.

The Best All-Inclusive Resort for Families

There are so many reasons why we believe Hotel Xcaret Mexico is the best all-inclusive resort for families. Read on for the details of their All-Fun Inclusive package, which allows you to experience any of the Xcaret signature adventures.

For Action Adventurers

We literally could have filled every day and night of our stay with different activities and adventures offered by Hotel Xcaret Mexico. Even better, all these adventures and activities are included! Yep, all are part of the all-inclusive package for every family member. We’ve been to Playa del Carmen before, and paid hundreds of dollars for just one of these activities. This is one of the many reasons why Hotel Xcaret Mexico is the best all-inclusive resort for families that we’ve ever visited.

Want to go ziplining? They’ve got it. Explore the local cenotes (natural fresh water pits in the Yucatan jungle suitable for swimming)? Yep that too. How about an extreme obstacle course with ropes, suspension bridges and more? Check. Want to do that at night with real fire? Double check. Hotel Xcaret Mexico has your wildest adventures covered.

Here is just a sampling of some offerings:


A water park where underground freshwater rivers meet the sea and aqua adventures of all kinds can be enjoyed. Snorkeling, boating, swimming, ziplining into the water and many more activities are offered at Xel-Há.

Ziplining is thrilling as you glide through the jungle canopy. (photo courtesy of Xcaret)

Visit four different cenotes in the Yucatan jungles near Xcaret, guided by experts to show you the ropes (literally). Our family had such a blast on this tour, ziplining, swimming in a cave, kayaking and more. Xenotes is a must for thrill-seekers.


Another extreme adventure for family fun, Xplor provides exciting experiences. Think of it as an amusement park for explorers who like safe spelunking (cave diving), underground rivers, waterslides and more.

And there are many more options for the entire family – some tame and some xtreme! See why we keep saying Hotel Xcaret Mexico is the best all-inclusive resort for families?

Careening a nighttime jungle is a thrilling adventure at Xcaret Parks. (photo courtesy of Xcaret)

For Foodies

The food choices at Hotel Xcaret Mexico are among the best we have ever experienced in Mexico. The resort has curated a collection of Mexico’s top chefs, creating restaurants that will please the most sophisticated of palates. I mean, what more could you expect from a place we consider the best all-inclusive resort for families ever?

From the resort’s signature culinary triumph, Há, to the fresh-made strawberry crepes at breakfast, this resort knows how to please the tastebuds. For more detail on the food options, please read our story about how we think Hotel Xcaret Mexico has the best food at an all-inclusive resort.

Swim-up bar with clear blue water and oceanfront view at Hotel Xcaret Mexico, Riviera Maya, Quintanaroo, Mexico
No resort in Mexico is complete without an impressive swim-up bar!

A couple of highlights to whet your tastebuds:

Há for Elevated Cuisine

This restaurant is the brainchild of celebrated Michelin-star Chef Carlos Gaytán, and it shows. Each course is a celebration of flavors with a nod to Mexican roots but with a global approach. We enjoyed an 8-course menu with wine pairings, and were wowed by every dish. Not only are the tastes innovative and delicious, but the presentation is half the experience. Not to be missed (for the adults).

The interior design and water features at Há Restaurant at Hotel Xcaret Mexico, Riviera Maya, Quintanaroo, Mexico
Water features inside Há Restaurant add to the ambience.
Brunch at Las Cuevas

Caves dug into the local limestone create a unique dining experience topped only by the vast spread of deliciousness. We lost count at the number of serving stations at this massive brunch experience. Young or old, picky or adventurous, there are many choices here to please all. Most are prepared fresh as you stand there salivating, while others are buffets filled with treats of all kinds.

Woman making Mexican delicacies for guests at Hotel Xcaret Mexico in Riviera Maya, Quintanaroo, Mexico
Cooking up Mexican delicacies at Sunday Brunch at Las Cavas.
Xin-Gao for Asian Flavors

If your family likes Asian food, Xin-Gao offers choices of all kinds. Sushi, ramen, skewers, dim sum and more are all on the menu here. And if you love the theater of watching your chef prepare dinner tableside while you sit surrounding a hot grill, this is your place. There is nothing like a little knife juggling and fire show to please the kids.

Chef cooking tableside at Xin-Gao Restaurant at Hotel Xcaret Mexico, Riviera Maya, Quintanaroo, Mexico
Cooking with fire and a show at Xin-Gao.

For Families with Small Children

Families with kids of all ages are made to feel welcome and secure at Hotel Mexico Xcaret. There is truly something for every member of the family to get excited about. In fact, we saw many parents with young children having a blast. We also saw many multi-generational families at the resort. Grandparents, parents and kids were all having a blast together.

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular

This is an evening show that honors Mexican traditions in song and dance. It tells the history of Mexico, starting with the Mayan culture and traditions. From there the story continues through to the modern day, honoring various parts of what makes Mexico so special. Xcaret Mexico Espectacular is a 2-hour extravaganza of remarkable quality in staging and performance. Suitable for kids and adults of all ages.

The Xcaret Espectacular show is beautifully staged and performed.

Kids and grownups both love Xenses because it challenges the way we use our senses on a daily basis. Nothing in this park is what it seems, and there are dozens of experiences here to make you think. Here our paths of perception are altered by illusions that make things look very small – or very big. Or perhaps cause our balance to be offset, or maybe not believe our own eyes. Xenses is full of super fun, non-scary activities.


A fun-filled Mexican party with music, dancing and celebrations the whole family will love – all taking place on a floating barge! Xoximilco is a leisurely cruise through the rivers of Xcaret, delivering guests an extraordinary experience of fun and excitement through the traditions of Mexico.

Ready to Visit Hotel Xcaret Mexico?

This resort is filled with things to do for families with kids. Photo stations, swimming pools with kiddie slides, games and more. So many reasons why we think Hotel Xcaret Mexico is the best all-inclusive resort for families!

If you are interested in learning more, follow this link to Hotel Xcaret Mexico for details.






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6 thoughts on “Hotel Xcaret Mexico is the Best All-Inclusive Resort for Families

  1. Been there 3 times and making it our 4th this December we loved it so much we became members then upgraded every time after.

  2. Have you been to Beaches Turks and Caicos? We’re trying to decide between Hotel Xcaret and Beaches. At the time of travel we’ll have a 9 year old and a 2 year old.

    1. We have not been to the Turks and Caicos, so I can’t make a comparison for you on that. I will say that we saw many families at Xcaret with kids the same age as yours and they were having a blast!

  3. quick question; when you get into those parks, do they have activities “not included” or with “additional costs” ? or for the most part you can do everything?

    1. They have several options for full access or a la carte, but if you get the full access everything is included except for a couple of special dining options.

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