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About Us

Back when we decided to start a family, same-sex couples with kids were a relatively new thing. We didn’t have a lot of role models and relied on family and friends for parenting advice. It wasn’t always easy traipsing into restaurants with two strollers and diaper bags over our shoulders. There were often side glances and the occasional naive but rude questions like “Where’s the mom?” or “Dads night out huh?”

But the good has monumentally outweighed the uncomfortable moments, and we’re proud to have raised two smart, kind, creative and strong young women. There have been a few stories along the way, and some major whoppers! Like the time Sophia wrote a letter to President Obama about having two dads, and he wrote back to her with the sweetest personal note. Or that one time in a foreign country when they removed us from our plane home and accused us of smuggling babies. Don’t worry, it all worked out and we only had to spend a week in jail (kidding!)

We started this blog to help families like ours and, well – any family really – navigate this strange and wonderful world we live in. It’s our goal to inspire, entertain, educate and help us all leave the world better than we found it.

So there are our stories – expressed by the four of us – as we travel, navigate, experience and grow.

And laugh. Because you just gotta laugh!

Meet the Bailey-Klughs

2DadsWithBaggage is the family lifestyle and travel platform from dads Jon and Triton and teen daughters Sophia and Ava. As a family, we love to share stories, tips, information and deals about people, places and things that we love. We've traveled the world and explored far and near, living as citizens of the world to discover there is so much more out there to learn and share with our friends and followers.

Join us!

Jonathan Bailey
Jonathan Bailey

Jon likes exploring far away places, home cooked meals like his Sicilian mama used to make, John Varvatos, and a front-of-the-line pass to just about anything.

#travelinfluencer #harrieddad #vacationdreamer #worrier

Triton Klugh
Triton Klugh

Triton likes Starbucks venti black iced tea with double pumps classic, eating at restaurants (any, really), comfy t-shirts and Jason Bourne.

#designer #teenwhisperer #uberorganizer #dadhumorist

Sophia Bailey-Klugh
Sophia Bailey-Klugh

Sophia likes Red Vines, scary movies, clothes shopping and Justin Bieber (still). Oh, and boys. She really likes the boys.

#tennisplayer #constantshopper #popculturefanatic #teengoingon30

Ava Bailey-Klugh
Ava Bailey-Klugh

Ava likes vampire romances, cookie dough, ironic t-shirts from 80s rock bands, and cuddly animals of any species.

#teenagerextraordinaire #cheerleader #collectorofmanythings #nature girl

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