wine tastes better in Napa Valley

A Good Glass of Napa Valley Wine

If you’ve ever been to the vineyards of California’s famous Napa Valley, then you know. You know that wine just tastes better there, enjoyed in flavorful sips (or gulps) beside the vines and grapes growing nearby. There’s just something magical about Napa Valley wine.

Tasting Napa Valley Wine

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the private ranch owned by Bonterra Vineyards in Hopland. This vineyard is up-valley from its Napa neighbors. Sitting under a centuries-old oak tree, we enjoyed a delicious lunch. Of course, this was accompanied by several Fetzer Vineyards wines including their award-winning chardonnay. (Fetzer owns Bonterra). It was pretty awesome to stroll through the organic Bonterra vineyard rows afterwards. We ambled through, sipping a glass of sweetish Fetzer Gewurztraminer and munching on a nice macaron. Honestly, the surrounding natural beauty made that glass of Napa Valley wine all the better.

The historic barn at Bonterra has been converted into a corporate retreat center

Down the road a piece, we wandered into Saracina Vineyards and perched amid the olive groves. Here we enjoyed a flight of wines from their quaint tasting room. The sun was setting over the nearby hills, and the bees were buzzing the flowers growing in pots around us. Nearby, the view of vineyards spanned as far as the eye could see.

And man, did that Napa Valley wine taste goooooooooood.

Olive oil harvested from the trees at Saracina is sold in the tasting room

Somehow in my kitchen back home, I think a glass of that wine – or any other – might not taste as romantic. But sure am I gonna try!

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