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Kit full of Manscaped goodies

Why Manscaping is Really Just About Being Polite

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Manscaping is a term that entered the public lexicon not too long ago with a snicker. A funny euphemism for men trimming our body hair, manscaping is something men have actually been doing for decades. And like so many fashion statements that have become an accepted part of society, trimmed body hair has gone mainstream for good. Over here at 2DadsWithBaggage, we think manscaping is really just about being polite and well-kept.

Manscaped kit
Thanks to Manscaped, these kits containing a buzzer, razor and lotions can help me get the job done quickly and comfortably.

Why Manscape?

Too much hair can just get in the way of important things. Not to be indelicate, but from an aesthetic perspective it’s just polite for you to manage it out of the way. When hair is poking through your shirt or straggling out from under your arm when you’re wearing a tank top, that’s not so attractive. Ever notice someone that interests you is scooting away as you scoot closer, all bear-like in your shorts and tank? It could be that your body hair touched them a long time before you had actually planned. Ewww.

True story: Triton has freakishly long hairs growing on his wrists. Strange place for hair long enough to braid, you might remark. On the regular, he trims it down to a normal length that doesn’t send people screaming into the streets.

manscaping arms
Freakishly long wrist hairs may be a sign of extreme intelligence, but still must be removed.

For reasons like this and so many others, experts like Manscaped have entered the market. They provide men with supplies especially geared for this service area (along with a healthy sense of humor.)

Manscaping Facts

Beyond being the polite thing to do for others, manscaping can be of great benefit to you. According to experts in the area of perspective, when hair trimming is involved, objects can appear larger than they are. Simply put – when there are less bushes around the tree, the tree looks taller, no?

Also, back hair. There is no woman I know that likes back hair, and perhaps only a few gay men who might. In an overabundance of caution, it’s probably just best to lose it regardless.

True story: Jon is half Italian, so there is hair in a lot of places except on his head. (Why, why, why is that always the case with the hairy/bald imbalance?) He has a manscaping regime that keeps things in check, with weekly touch-ups and monthly deep dives.

manscaping legs
Sometimes less hair makes your muscle definition stand out more. Just sayin’ I need all the help I can get! Thanks Manscaped!

In other more sensitive areas, excess hair can actually get mixed up in your business when not properly maintained. Last thing we want is a hindrance to any activities. And besides, women have been primping, plucking and preparing themselves for eons. It’s the least we men could do to keep ourselves presentable too.

One very important thing: the equipment you use to shave your face and trim your beard should definitely not be the same equipment you use farther south. There are different bacteria the live in different parts of the body, and mixing them up can cause – shall we say – “irritation”. ‘Nuff said.

Manscaped Has Good Answers

In addition to having copywriters who are truly hilarious, Manscaped makes superior products specifically to help us guys manage ourselves. With products for trimming hair with names like The Lawnmower and The Plow, Manscaped products give us plenty of options for longer, shorter or completely gone.

We like how Manscaped has also thought of after-care. Their Crop Preserver is like a deodorant for “down there” that keeps everything nice and fresh with an anti-chafing liquid talcum gel.  To tone and refresh, the Crop Reviver features aloe and witch hazel extracts for anti-inflammatory, anti-burn protection, and optimum pH levels for dryness and hydration control.

Refined by Manscaped
I love this scent called Refined from Manscaped, and maybe a little goes a long way…

Neither of us is a big fan of cologne, and don’t usually like to wear any. However, the scent of Refined smells like wood to me and for some reason I really like it. Will I wear it regularly? Not sure about that, but it does smell pretty darn good.

And you know what is really not polite? Wearing a ton of stinky cologne that leaves a cloud of stank after you have already left the room. If you do choose to spritz on a little of Manscaped’s Refined, do be aware that a little goes a long way.

Now get to cropping, boys. It’s practically a mandate. (No pun intended).

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  1. Good review on a delicate subject. I’d like to introduce these products to my hubby. He’s usually pretty ‘polite’, but can always add some new products to his routine.

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