Mexican paletas an exotic variety of flavors and textures

Mexican Paletas Are So Darn Good

There is something about the flavors of Mexican paletas (popsicles) that makes them both exotic and delicious. In fact, the flavor options have American varieties beat hands down. On a recent visit to Mexico, we felt it our obligation to sample several of these delicious icy fruit pops on a stick.

Paletas in Mexico

A plethora of Mexican paletas ready for sampling (photo courtesy of


I mean, who wants a boring old Missile when you can slurp on one of these favorites:

  • mango with chile
  • cucumber with chile
  • creamy pistachio
  • chunky pineapple
  • coconut milk
  • dulce de leche
  • Mexican chocolate
  • watermelon
  • tamarind
  • lime
  • Jamaica (hibiscus flower)

Paletería in Huatulco, Mexico

Making tough choices in the Mexican paletería

There are literally dozens of other flavors we have yet to try. Back home in San Diego, a local paletería called Viva Pops caught our eyes at the Little Italy Farmer’s Market one Saturday morning. They do make a very delicious salted caramel paleta, yet still, our family likes the traditional Mexican ones better.

Guess we’ll just have to travel back to Mexico to keep sampling all the favorites! Oh darn.

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