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Web-based Upswing Health is Helping My Lower Back Pain

This post was sponsored by Upswing Health as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.
We’ve been trying to make the best of this whole shelter-in-place situation, and by most accounts it’s been okay. Working from home has been great in a lot of ways, and I’ve enjoyed spending more time with my family. However, it has also presented some challenges. For instance, my workstation at home is not exactly ergonomic. I’ve been experiencing a lot of lower back pain from poor seating options and found a great solution with Upswing Health. Upswing Health is a web-based sports medicine service, and they are helping me treat my musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries from home.
I’ve always been pretty active and enjoy working out, lifting weights, cardio and group exercise. In my fifties now, I may not have quite the same stamina that I did in my twenties but I’m still going strong. Without my regular morning gym visits right now, my body is adjusting to home life with some new aches and pains.
man has back pain while sitting at home work station with laptop
My work station at home has been causing me some lower back pain.

Searching for Answers to Pain Relief from Home

With a lot of time now spent in my home office, I realize my seating and posture are not optimal. A couple of kinks have shown up, and I’ve developed some pain in the muscles of my lower back. Sometimes it’s more than just an uncomfortable twinge between near my spine and above my tail bone. Recently, there were times where I just could not find a comfortable position – sitting or standing. The pain was not fun.
I started searching for an answer from home, knowing I wasn’t able to visit a health care professional right now. In searching online, I liked that Upswing Health is a web-based sports medicine service. They were able to provide a possible cause for my pain along with some potential solutions. And they made it so easy!
Exercises from online programs customized by Upswing Health
Exercises are customized to my specific issues.

Upswing Health Provides Online Sports Medicine Guidance

The whole process has been quick and easy – and better yet, it’s working. I started by navigating to Upswing Health and clicking on the “What Hurts?” button. After answering a couple of online questions to explain my issue, Upswing connected me to an online healthcare professional for free.
Kelsey introduced herself with her credentials as a certified athletic trainer with masters degrees in Kinesiology and Healthcare Administration. We texted back and forth for the next several minutes as I answered a series of questions from Kelsey about my symptoms. From there, Kelsey supplied me with a link to a series of exercises she thought might help alleviate some of my discomfort. Many of these exercises can be done without additional equipment.
online videos from Upswing Health
Online videos from Upswing Health help me follow the exercise guidelines.
A Library of Online Exercise Videos
From Upswing’s library of some 7,000 exercise videos created to address a variety of musculoskeletal issues, I received 10 guided exercises. The videos explain very specifically how to perform each exercise properly. I got out my yoga mat and my foam roller, went out on the deck, and started my exercise workout.
Upswing Health offers suggestions on customized exercises
Working with the foam roller on these exercises from Upswing Health
I’ve been following this suggested routine for several days now, and the exercises are super easy. I can already feel a difference. Kelsey was careful to tell me I should not expect to be pain-free overnight, so I’m being patient. Each morning before I start my day, I follow my exercise regimen as suggested through the Upswing app on my phone. Right now their services are completely free.
Kelsey also suggested I consider getting a stand-up desk to avoid sitting in unhealthy positions all day long. So I did! I wasn’t sure if I could adjust to working on my laptop while standing, but no worries. Plus it’s also helping with my posture, because I am not slumping in my chair or craning my neck to see the computer screen.
foam roller exercises with Upswing Health
Upswing Health suggested a series of exercises.
Can Upswing Help You?
I’m not a healthcare professional, which is why I turned to the folks at Upswing Health. They are experts giving sound advice to people like me with pain from musculoskeletal issues. I think many of us have experienced symptoms similar to mine at some point in our lives, and now even more. The changes in our daily lives and our work circumstances have caused a lot of my friends to describe their own adjustment issues. Maybe you too?
If you’re curious if a web-based service like this can help you, I recommend you check out Upswing Health. I’m going to continue my exercises and will let you know my progress!
stretching exercises from Upswing Health relieve back stress
I’ve been following these exercises from Upswing Health and feel improvement.
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