Volunteering at Princess Project San Diego a great way to help girls

Volunteering at Princess Project San Diego

Sophia has been looking for something where she can spend quality time doing community service, and this weekend she began that journey by volunteering at Princess Project San Diego. Princess Project is an incredible organization that promotes self-confidence and individual beauty by providing free prom dresses and accessories to high school teens who cannot otherwise afford them. Perfect fit for Sophia!

sorting dresses by size and color
There were literally thousands of dresses to be sorted by size and color at Princess Project San Diego.

We were introduced to Princess Project San Diego by the mom of one of Ava’s cheerleading friends, who invited Sophia to volunteer. Sophia signed up to help the San Diego chapter relocate their store from the top level of Horton Plaza Shopping Center to a more central location on the third level, occupying a bigger and grander location complete with trendy chandeliers, big storefront windows and space for more than 4,000 prom dresses.

You read that correctly – there were 4,000 dresses for these volunteers to sort. The dresses have been donated by people who no longer need them, perhaps wearing them only once to their own proms or some other formal event. Sophia and her cohorts sorted by size, color and style, hanging and racking each dress to get ready for the big days in April when all the young ladies come to pick out their dream dresses. Since Sophia is such a fashion nut, this was such the perfect fit for her interests – she was like a kid in a candy store.

rainbow of prom dresses
Every color of the rainbow was represented in these prom dresses at Princess Project San Diego.

When I came to pick her up around 2 pm, she was grinning ear to ear as she smoothed out the blue gown she was readying for the hanger. She was proud to show me all they had accomplished in just one day, working with about 20 volunteers ranging from high school and college age all the way to moms and even grandmas. All with huge smiles on their faces, tired and happy.

Princess Project San Diego volunteers
There was a mighty group of women volunteering to help Princess Project San Diego get ready.

Girls interested in getting a dress from Princess Project San Diego are encouraged to make an appointment in advance online, with upcoming dates available throughout April.

And if anyone is interested in joining Sophia and her friends by volunteering for Princess Project San Diego, you can sign up online. There are four other locations in California as well, in Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco and Sonoma, with plans for additional locations to be added nationwide as Princess Project grows.

The thought of all these girls being able to attend prom in a beautiful gown made Sophia really think. As we walked to the car, we talked about our family’s ability to pay for her prom dresses while other families cannot. She was truly happy to help other girls go their parties feeling great about themselves, inside and out. I imagine Sophia will feel the same for having helped.

Volunteering at Princess Project
Sophia was literally pretty in pink at the Princess Project volunteer day.




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