Flora Farm in Cabo is delicious destination full of fresh organic foods

Organic Deliciousness at Flora Farm in Cabo

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Farming organically in this same plot for more than 20 years, the ingenious Greene family behind Flora Farm created it as a break away from the rigors of the daily American grind. Now a flourishing 10-acre organic farm, restaurant/bar, cottages and events space, Flora Farm amazed us at every turn.

We bumped down the curvy dirt road, wondering where the hell the taxi was taking us – and then the valley opened up below to unveil this gorgeous spot of color in the desert of Baja California. As we walked into the site, soaring sunflowers bent down to greet us for instant photo opps. We walked amid the growing fields, guessing at some of the crops being hand-tended by patient farmhands. Is the curly kale? Or some form of broccoli? Or???

The flowers and vegetables looked so happy in the gardens at Flora Farms

When it was time to sit down in their amazing restaurant for lunch, the menu was so chock full of deliciousness it was hard to decide. Each item on the menu is comprised totally from things grown onsite at Flora Farm and its nearby ranch. Serving some of the best dishes we had during the entire vacation, the restaurant is truly farm-to-table with lunch creations like braised pork sandwich, mesquite roasted chicken, fresh arugula pizza with parmesan and lemon olive oil. Our cocktails were chock full of fresh berries, mint and other herbs also grown onsite.

We cannot wait to go back to Flora Farms

With full tummies, we walked the grounds to enjoy the turtle pond teeming with fish and swimming turtles, as well as the butterflies and colorful birds attracted to the sunflowers and gardens nearby.

Really a special place. You gotta go.

(Oh, and Adam Levine from Maroon 5 got married here, so there’s that too).

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