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Great Hall at Ellis Island National Park, New York

Virtual Field Trips for Your High School Student

“I’m bored.” Chances are you’ve heard this (or maybe even felt it) during this time of social distancing. Your teen may be articulating these words or simply showing them by their body language and lack of motivation. Give them some opportunities to find fun in unique places! Even if things are still shut down, your high school student can get out of the house virtually with these virtual field trips for your high school student.

girls enjoy virtual content while looking at laptop computer together
Ava and Sophia have been wishing they could visit museums live, but virtual tours are the next best thing.

Virtual Field Trips for your High School Student

American Jazz Museum

Thanks to a partnership with Google Arts and Culture, your high school student can explore Kansas City, Missouri’s American Jazz Museum. Walkthrough the exhibits in the KC museum and even view the special traveling exhibits online. The art and music that made KC (and American) Jazz so intriguing are available to all visitors for free online. Whether your student studies music or is just interested in history, this is a fantastic virtual field trip!

College Tours

If your high school student missed out on their college visits because of the pandemic, have them explore a virtual college tour online until they can check out the real thing. Of course, nothing can replace the feeling and experience of visiting the actual college campus but use this time at home to explore and check out some options for your future college student. Most virtual college tours are open while a few require a request. If you don’t see your student’s desired college , check out the college’s website directly for other options.

screenshot of UC Irvine virtual tour website
Touring colleges virtually has been necessary right now, but is still a cool way to see the campus.

Denali National Park

Your teen can virtually climb the highest mountain peak in North America with a tour of Denali National Park in Alaska. The summit elevation of Mt McKinley is 20,320 feet. Through this virtual tour, your child can view 360-panoramic shots to see the climb through the eyes of a climber. Download the movie version or check out the printable pictures. Who knows? Your child may want to get out and climb some real mountains (or at least hills)! There are  other virtual field trips for your high school student available here as well.

View of Mount McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska, with Park Road in the foreground leading to it
The virtual tour of Denali National Park is astoundingly beautiful (photo by iStock: elmvilla)

Street Art

Whether your teen is an artist or just appreciates the beauty in the world, they’ll enjoy viewing this Google street art project which explores street art around the world. Not only can your high school student “walk” and view the art, but they can also read the stories behind the unique visions and the artists that have brought them to life. Start with the Underground Paris art scene or explore the NYC water tank project.

screenshot of google's street art virtual tour
Google’s Street Art virtual tour has some excellent locations like Paris included.

Ellis Island

More than 12 million immigrants came to the United States through the port of Ellis Island. Your child can take a virtual tour of Ellis Island the primary source documents that are a part of American history. Perhaps, they may even find the log where your own ancestors signed as they entered the United States. This virtual tour is put on by the Heritage Documentation Program. The images and artifacts of Ellis Island are a powerful story of our nation’s history of immigrants and culture. When we visited Ellis Island last summer with the kids, there were big crowds. They might have gotten more from something like virtual field trips for your high school student like Ellis Island online.

screenshot of Ellis Island virtual museum tour page
Ellis Island is special to us because of our ancestors that immigrated through this port.

The Neon Museum

Art meets oddities with the Neon Museum virtual tour. Las Vegas’s Neon Museum has gone online due to the pandemic. Incorporating history and art, the museum is a unique Nevada gem. A favorite is the Neon Boneyard, more than 200 restored signs, lit up in neon splendor. Simply enter the password “neon” on the Neon Museum site to get access to the gorgeous signs and artwork that makes Vegas so unique.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - August 6, 2017: Neon Museum illuminated in green lights at night on Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – August 6, 2017: Neon Museum illuminated in green lights at night on Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas

National Museum of Computing

This 3D tour of the National Museum of Computing, located in England, takes your STEM student on a virtual experience of historical computers. Even your most technology-savvy high schooler will be floored at the 1950s archaic machines that made way for today’s technological innovations. For students who are exploring careers in STEM, this is a must-stop on their virtual field trip list.

virtual tour page of the National Museum of Computing
If your teen is into computers, this virtual tour of the National Museum of Computing is interesting.

Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Museum in Salem, Massachusetts takes your child on a journey through a disturbing time in New England and American history. The witch hunts started with accusations and ended with the accused being murdered by hanging for being “witches”. Gravesites, documents, and historical landmarks are part of this virtual tour. If your student is reading Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” or taking an American history course, this is a tour they’ll want to explore.

home page of the Salem Witch Museum
The Salem Witch Museum has some awesome virtual tours.

Plenty of Virtual Field Trips for your High School Student

Stop the chants of “I’m bored” from your high school students. Share these virtual field trips that are beyond the straight academic, common online tours. Connect with history, art, culture, and science through these intriguing tours online. As the country opens up, keep these bookmarked for a rainy day or think about how they can explore some of these places in person someday! What virtual field trips have your high school students enjoyed?

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