Valentine's Week escape without the kids at Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, Texas
Bird's eye view of Lake Austin Spa Resort

Valentine’s Week Escape Without the Kids at Lake Austin Spa Resort

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Obviously, we love hanging out with our kids. And yet, as parents sometimes we just need a little alone time to refresh, recharge and re-engage with each other – away from them! So we’re dreaming of a Valentine’s Week escape without the kids at Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, Texas. (They had me at “Spa Resort”).

Standup Paddle Boarding at Lake Austin Spa Resort.
We cannot wait to put SUP on our activity agenda at Lake Austin Spa Resort!

Healthy Time Away from Kids

If you are anything like these two dads, your time is spent balancing your kids’ needs, your home life and your work priorities, and all that is just exhausting. Getting Ava to cheer practice, Sophia to school activities, homework done, chores completed, rooms cleaned (good luck on that one) – it’s all part of a giant spreadsheet schedule we call family life. Triton and I are so ready for a healthy little break from all that shuttling/reminding/prodding/cajoling and yes, lovingly supporting.

After all, I just know I can be a better parent after a spa weekend. Who wouldn’t?!?

Relaxing at Lake Austin Spa Resort
The Spa’s Blue Room at Lake Austin Spa Resort – it’s calling to me.

Austin is a Great Escape

Austin is such a fun city to visit, with so many things to occupy your time – when not relaxing in the spa, of course. I’ve been before, and am excited to show Triton some of the cool places I have enjoyed in past visits:

  • Funky Streets – One of the first places I want to visit is South Congress Street, where there are a bunch of fun and funky shops filled with unique clothes, collectibles, art, and of course cowboy boots. I think we could spend all day meandering this street, stopping for lunch or a snack at the ubiquitous food trucks that dot the landscape for blocks. Shopping, food and cocktails – sounds like adult fun to me!
  • Food Trucks – Many say the current food truck craze started in Austin, and whether true or not this town has a zillion of them serving up all varieties of food you can imagine. We’re coming with empty stomachs so we can graze on the deliciousness. Last time I sampled meatloaf wrapped with bacon at Three Little Pigs, breaded shrimp in a tortilla cone from The Mighty Cone and a 24 carrot (cake) concoction from Hey Cupcake.
  • The Live Music Scene – Nashville has nothing on these folks in Austin, and their talent is not focused just on country music. On Sixth Street in downtown Austin’s entertainment district, we’re planning on wandering in and out of the clubs, honky tonks and stages. There are so many all lined up that we can find whatever music suits us, even if we’re feeling like a little Donna Summer.
  • Those bats though! – It sounds creepy, but it is totally amazing to see the enormous swarm of 1.5 million+ bats depart at dusk from under the Congress Avenue Bridge over Lady Bird Lake. Crowds gather on the bridge in advance to claim their perfect spot, kind of like when you go to a parade and sit down curbside to stake your territory. We’re going to get there early – believe me it’s worth it.

Relaxing Spa Weekend

One of the reasons we’re so excited about Lake Austin Spa Resort is that it’s all-inclusive. There is something so comforting about knowing everything is handled, and all meals and activities are covered. There’s even some interesting packages that include spa credits, so of course we’ve zeroed in on those!

cooking class at Lake Austin Spa Resort
While staying at Lake Austin Spa Resort, I may even take a cooking class. So many activities to choose from…

Hmmm let’s see – yoga in the morning, followed by breakfast lakeside. Then maybe a sauna and swim, a quick paddle around the lake via kayak before lunch, and a nice afternoon nap followed by another massage before dinner. Oh, and then I think perhaps a dip in the outdoor hot tub before bed.

Yep, I think we’ll come home rested and relaxed. Just in time to help the girls with their science project, math homework, prep for the driving test (yikes!), plan schedules for the week ahead and who knows what else….

The Aster Cafe at Lake Austin Spa Resort
I want these antler candlesticks in The Aster Cafe at Lake Austin Spa Resort.
*This post is sponsored by Lake Austin Spa Resort.

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