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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Guys

The official annual day of romance, Valentine’s Day comes full of love expressed in all kinds of ways. Straight or gay couples alike, there is pressure to get it right and come up with that perfect expression of love. This comes naturally to some people in relationships, and for a lot of guys it creates a tremendous amount of anxiety to “get it right”. Valentine’s Day ideas for guys run the gamut, but what’s most important to express is simply real, honest, authentic feelings.

Valentine’s Day Pressure on the Guys

For many guys, expressing our authentic feelings of love can be challenging – especially on Valentine’s Day. Usually there is one person in the relationship for whom emotional communications just come more easily. They seem like naturals when expressing their love in all kinds of ways large and small. But there are others for whom those feelings are harder to communicate, and these are often the guys.

Things are changing rapidly for many, however some generations of guys were raised to hold their feelings in. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, some of us are at a loss as to how to celebrate it with our special someone in various situations.

sunset at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, CA
Maybe a nice walk along the beach to watch the sunset is the most romantic Valentine’s Day celebration of all.

Do any of these Valentine’s Day situations sound familiar?

There are a whole host of scenarios that can trip people up when planning for a great Valentine’s Day. For example:

  • The relationship is pretty new and going well, but you worry about how deeply you should express your love for your first Valentine’s Day together.
  • You are really into this relationship of several years and staying at home puts a crimp in your romantic plans for a Valentine’s Day celebration.
  • You’ve been together a really long time and have run out of ways to express your love on Valentine’s Day.
  • Not-so-subtle hints have been dropped by your significant other about their expectations for a big romantic Valentine’s Day experience.
  • You or your significant other think Valentine’s Day is overrated and does not need to be observed. Yet without some gesture someone might end up feeling empty and unloved.
  • Well, you are in luck! We’ve got a few Valentine’s Day ideas for guys that might help you look like a hero this year.
chocolate mousse with whipped cream and chocolate accents
Surprise your loved one by making a special Valentine’s Day dessert.

Some Great Valentine’s Day Ideas for Guys

OK these ideas are actually great for any gender, so it’s not our intention to appear sexist. It’s just that many guys traditionally struggle to strike the right Valentine’s Day balance. Plus on the average guys spend almost twice as much as women on Valentine’s Day. That’s why we gathered a few Valentine’s Day ideas for guys to help set the course for their success in celebrating the Holiday of Love!

For the Newbies

The pandemic restrictions have definitely put a crimp in normal dating practices, and still love has found a way. Many people have experienced awesome growth in their new relationships while spending so much time together at home. Marking this special occasion is even harder, because the traditional night out at a special restaurant is pretty much not happening.

Here’s a few Valentine’s Day ideas for guys who are in new relationships:

  • Have a special restaurant dinner delivered to your house, and set the table like a restaurant. Order flowers for a centerpiece and set the table with candles, white linen tablecloth, cloth napkins and your best plates and glassware. Arrange the food on the plates as beautifully as possible like the restaurant would have and present it to your seated partner like they are a queen or king.
  • If you cannot celebrate together in the same household, order the same special restaurant dinner delivered to each of you at your respective houses and Facetime your meal together. Send them all the things to set their Valentine’s table special, and do the same on your end – flowers, white tablecloth, the whole nine yards. Pop a bottle of bubbly and toast your partner screen to screen. It’s not as good as being together, but it’s an effort that your partner will appreciate.
Happy smiling satisfied beloved woman with protective face mask opens a red heart shaped gift box while making video call over laptop.
You can still celebrate together even if you’re social distancing.

For the Longtime Companions

When you’ve been together as long as we have (23 years and counting), you have seen a LOT of Valentine’s together. At this point in your relationship, you know each other very well and can anticipate what the other person might expect of you. That’s why changing it up will bring them true surprise for Valentine’s Day.

  • Start with ordering flowers – they really do say it all. Make sure they get delivered first thing in the morning so the day starts well right from go. Bring them little treats throughout the day you know they will love. Maybe it’s a quick run to your favorite coffee house before they wake up. Or lunch delivered from their favorite spot near your house. Bring them a little afternoon sweet treat. You can pace it however you like, but the idea is an all-day collection of little meaningful surprises.
  • If you can cook, shoo them out of the kitchen and surprise them with an awesome dinner you make yourself. Believe me, it does not have to be fancy. If you are not normally the one that cooks at your house, your significant other will greatly appreciate your effort. Plus they will get a night off from the kitchen!
Keto-Friendly Baked Chicken Flautas recipe
Not only do these chicken flautas taste amazing, but they look great on the plate too.

For the Non-Observers

There’s always a few folks in the crowd that say Valentine’s Day is like amateur hour. They may be right in some cases, but ignoring the celebration while others are expressing their romance on social media may sting just a little. Although your partner might be totally in agreement with skipping the holiday, are they really okay underneath all that? Maybe they just need a little nod from you to let them know they are loved.

Assortment of fine chocolate candies, white, dark, and milk chocolate Sweets
If you’re going to go with chocolate, make sure it’s the best!
  • How about you do something nice for them the day or two before February 14th. One of the greatest Valentine’s Day ideas for guys is to catch your partner off guard! Have flowers delivered on February 13th instead of the 14th. Maybe don’t order a dozen long-stem red roses, but an orchid or pot of succulents instead. Present them with their favorite candy, but get something other than the traditional chocolates in a heart shaped box. Serve them a special Valentine’s Day cocktail that is not champagne with a strawberry floating in it.
  • In other words, celebrate Un-Valentine’s Day. Doing the opposite of all the traditional Valentine’s Day ideas for guys will make it seem like your being creatively romantic – just because!
Kaleidoscope roses from
Roses are awesome for Valentine’s Day, especially non-traditional ones like these Kaleidoscope Roses from

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