TrackR finds your lost luggage anywhere through its handy bluetooth app

Trackr Finds Your Luggage Anywhere

When we travel, there’s always that tiny worry in the background about whether our luggage will arrive at the same destination that we do.That’s why we think TrackR is such a cool travel tool – TrackR finds your luggage anywhere. Through the handy smartphone app, TrackR literally tracks our bags via Bluetooth as they wind their way back to us.

Have you ever experienced lost luggage on a trip somewhere? Not so fun. Sometimes that waiting game at the airport baggage claim can get pretty dicey, as we wait and wait and wait for our bags to come out (or not), and the worry builds.

Our luggage clearly showed as being in the belly of this beast, soon to depart for London Heathrow.

Especially when travelling with kids, the parental worries grow the more all your stuff is out of your direct control. If your kids don’t have their clothes/meds/favorite teddy bear when arriving in a new destination, it can reeeeeally throw off the family dynamic if you know what I mean! Believe me, we’ve been there and it ain’t pretty.

The TrackR coin literally fits in the palm of my hand

On our recent trip to Europe, we tested out the TrackR technology by placing the coin-sized unit in the zippered pocket of our largest bag. The size of a quarter and about twice as thick, the TrackR coin took up no space at all but delivered a large-sized serving of tech comfort. My inner worries about arriving at London Heathrow Airport with all of our possessions were immediately quelled.

What’s cool about this tech is my ability to track our bag from the time I drop it off with the desk agent at check-in. From there, I can check my iPhone to view my bag’s location through the app. Actually, it was pretty cool to watch it blip its way through the inner workings of the airport and then into the belly of our airplane. When we arrived at our destination in Scotland, I was able to check it again just to be sure via the Bluetooth connection (not GPS).

Checking on my iPhone, I could see the exact location of my bag while we traveled in Scotland

TrackR also has a crowdsourcing component if my bag gets lost. The technology allows users who have the app open within bluetooth range to locate any devices near them, and then TrackR automatically pings me with the current location of my item.  According to TracR, users help each other locate more than 2 million lost items EVERY DAY. Wow that’s a lot of lost stuff, now found. Watch this video on TrackR to learn more about how it works.

2DadsWithBaggage says four thumbs up on TrackR! You can get the devices too, and I have a promo code to share with you:

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TrackR is easy to use – just download the app, pair it with the coin via bluetooth, and you are ready to roll!

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