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Three Things to Bring on a Road Trip – Always

This post was made in partnership with Kleenex® Wet Wipes. All opinions my own.

We travel a lot as a family, and sometimes getting to our destination is hard work. Often we find ourselves schlepping luggage to the car, getting everyone on the road without losing something, and attempting to reach our destination in one piece. That’s why we know there are three things to bring on a road trip in order to keep our sanity. Good music, a strong supply of snacks, and Kleenex ® Wet Wipes are all on our must-bring list.

We use Kleenex (R) Wet Wipes when we travel, especially during the cold and flu season. Germs are part of the deal, but we just keep them away!



Three Things To Bring on a Road Trip

Even when we’re on an easy road trip, it’s not always easy. Sometimes the road is too curvy, one of the kids turns a little green, and we have to pull over. Or perhaps *someone* gets a little peckish, and without immediate snack gratification things can turn ugly quick. Often we are in and out of the car to get gas, or water, or to use the restroom.  Maybe it’s  to capture that perfect Instagram moment from the scenic view point. An easy clean-up is often needed – and that’s where the Kleenex ® Wet Wipes come in handy.

We keep a pack of these babies handy in the car. Who knows when there might be a spill to clean up on aisle seven?

Whatever the agenda and combination of elements, it seems we are invariably in need of something while traveling in the car. That’s why there are three things to bring on a road trip in our family, and they are part of our packing routine without fail.

A Solid Playlist

Whether listening through the car’s sound system as a group or individually through headphones, our family loves good music.  Especially on a road trip, music helps provide the soundtrack to the views we are enjoying through the car windows. If there isn’t a good view, a solid playlist can keep the family entertained. When the kids were little, we would listen to Disney tunes and all sing along. Now with occasionally surly teens, we sing and they grunt while rolling their eyes at the horror of our embarrassing actions.  Nonetheless, good tunes make the trip go faster and we reach our destination with our happiness (relatively) intact.

Lots of Snacks

Beware that moment when Dad passes the point of no return on the hungry scale. I’ll admit, it’s not pretty for anyone in the near vicinity. That’s why our family is always prepared with snacks for the road trip. Sophia loves her fish-shaped cheddar crackers, and Ava always craves spicy rolled tortilla chips. Both of these tasty treats are super messy and leave fingers orange and greasy. Triton usually goes for something healthy like and orange or some almonds. And Jon (me) is usually the one that needs a food fix fast, preferring an energy bar or some trail mix to do the trick before things go badly. Our whole family knows to bring snacks along for Dad to help him avoid The Dark Side.

Road trips can be dirty business, and we keep ourselves heading in the right direction with Kleenex (R) Wet Wipes to keep the germs at bay.

Kleenex ® Wet Wipes

We are extra careful about germs when we travel. Occupying a permanent spot in our car’s glovebox, Kleenex ® Wet Wipes are along for the ride – any ride – no matter what. We learned this early, when the kids were mere babies in their car seats. We’d pull a Kleenex ® Wet Wipes from the pack to clean up their dirty little hands and faces, keeping the kids free of germs as we continued on our way. Now that the girls are teens, our family still loves our road trips. Instead of messy faces and crumbs, we end up with greasy hands, door handles and car upholstery. It never fails.

We always feel safe with Kleenex ® Wet Wipes, because they’re thick, soft and clinically proved to wipe away 99% of all germs on skin without harsh chemicals. Now available in three unique varieties, they are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and contain no alcohol.

Totally safe for face and skin, Kleenex (R) Wet Wipes make clean-up easy on a road trip.

But we don’t stop there. Because we are in and out of the car at various rest stops along the way, who knows what germs might be picked up along the way. Kleenex ® Wet Wipes are perfect for wiping up not only hands, but luggage handles, mobile devices and other things we touch over and over again. After all, their motto is Kleenex ® Wet Wipes are Made for Doers™ and that describes our family pretty darn well – not afraid to get our hands dirty and wanting them to be clean again, fast and easy.

Pit Stop Before the Road Trip

Before we head out, we make a quick stop at Walmart to pick up a pack or two of Kleenex ® Wet Wipes, and you can too. Walmart is really a great spot for one-stop shopping, because you can purchase all three things to bring on a roadtrip from our list.

Regardless of the destination, near or far we need our basic three things to bring on a road trip.

Come to think of it, we’ll be getting on an airplane soon and that’s another great place to use our Kleenex ® Wet Wipes. Those tray tables and arm rests on a plane can be full of germs, and a quick wipe down will keep us heading towards our destination with no worries and high expectations.

Travel on!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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