Gay Dad at Mom2.0 Summit for mom bloggers

The Gay Dad in the Crowd at Mom2.0

For a couple of years now I’ve been telling people I’m a mommy blogger to be met with inquisitive smiles, and now I’ll be bringing it real as the Gay Dad in the crowd at Mom2.0 Summit. I figured it’s time we represent, since Mom2.0 is widely recognized as the penultimate conference for power bloggers.

The extremely popular Mom2.0 Summit was sold out!

You see, there are some 14 million gay parents reported in the US, and those are the ones that are being counted. That’s a whole lot of modern families, all growing up and being parenting in loving same-sex households that deal with the exact same issues raising their kids as the “traditional” family (whatever traditional means anymore). And frankly, we are under-represented in the family blogging world. There are so many wonderful and talented mom bloggers out there, reaching huge audiences with myriad interests and diverse talents. I mean, check out some of the amazing mom blogs from a variety of voices:

ScaryMommy – the ultimate clearinghouse for all things mommy realness – with an attitude

Jet Set Family – travel, lifestyle and humor abound

Rockin Mama – food, crafts, entertainment and other fun stuff

Tech Savvy Mama – managing family tech in the growing world of devices

Mami Talks – bilingual and full of great photos and tips

And what about us LGBTQ+ parents and families? That list is starting to grow too, and there are several bloggers doing a fantastic job of representing our team:

Gay NYC Dad – lots of entertainment and great tips on parenting, travel and more

Designer Daddy – super creative and well written stories/ideas/reviews

Mombian – parenting, politics, news and current events

2 Moms Travel – travel tips, reviews, destinations, places to visit

The Next Family – great collection of stories from families just like ours

Yes, sometimes our family is a little wack

Joining the female gang at Mom2.0 will be a little intimidating, but I brought my game. I’m excited to meet all these talented bloggers, learn from the speakers, trade tips with the attendees, tell my stories.

And stand out like a sore thumb.



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