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holiday gifts for him

Stylish Gifts for Him: Guys Will Love This Stuff!

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Guys are ridiculously hard to shop for. Believe me, I know – I am one of those guys. No one ever knows what to get me, and I end up with presents I will not use. To save everyone from the awkwardness of giving and getting unwanted gifts for the holidays, I’ve got suggestions on stylish gifts for him. These ideas should fill your gift list pronto!

Stylish Gifts for Him – The Holidays are Coming in Hot

Holiday stylish gifts the guys in your life will love.

For the Vinyl Record Collector

Whether your music fan has a collective of vintage Rolling Stones records or is into new pressings collectibles, I have a great book to recommend. Vinyl Age: A Guide to Record Collecting Now by Max Brzezinski and Carolina Soul is informative and engaging.

There is a growing trend in vinyl collecting now, and the resurgence of this form of music is huge. This book is the definitive guide to collecting. It’s packed with photos, tips and more for that collector just getting started or the expert looking for more details.

man on couch reading Vinyl Age: A Guide to Record Collecting Now by Max Brzezinski and Carolina Soul
This guide to the Vinyl Age is a must-have for any music collector.

Personalized Phone Case, Airpods Case and Slim Wallet

These super stylish gifts for him from Tanon Goods are something guys would love to have in their personal collection. Custom made from premium leather, this phone case, Airpods case and slim wallet can be customized with your dude’s initials. Personally, I love mine in caramel leather with copper lettering – so classy looking!

Each piece is custom crafted according to your order, so the personalization choices you make are unique to your gift. Right now you can order using my custom discount code and get an additional 10% off your order: Jon-10.

Monogrammed leather phone case, airpods case and slim wallet from Tanon Goods
These monogrammed leather personal items are so stylish and functional.

UV and Blue Light Blocking Glasses

For the guy who spends a lot of time looking at his computer and devices, these glasses from Zenni Eyewear are the ticket. Stylish frames like mine in a classic aviator design contain Zenni’s Blokz lenses. These lenses block harmful UV and blue light emitted from screens, and protect your eyes from digital eye strain, blurred vision and even disrupted sleep.

If you dude is a gamer, he will love Blokz because they are lightweight with virtually no color distortion. Zenni has a bunch of different frame styles, any of which can be fitted with Blokz lenses for an easy upgrade starting at $16.95.

Man staring at laptop computer in blue light with Fashionable Zenni Blokz lenses in an aviator style.
Zenn’s Blokz lenses save your eyes from harmful UV and blue light emissions.

No Pain in the Neck with This Invention

Ever get neck and shoulder strain from staring down at your mobile device? Yeah, me too. This invention from Tekneksavr is designed to alleviate some of that pain and strain with an ergonomic aid. The Tekneksavr adjustable wand affixes to the back of your mobile device and uses an adjustable wand to prop against your torso. This way you can view the phone at a more direct level without having to bend your head down.

I like this invention for those guys that just cannot stay off their phones, particular the younger ones. Growing up in a digital world, younger men are glued to their phones. To avoid future problems with posture, headaches, spinal issues, and more, the Tekneksavr is a great solve. Also acts as a handy phone stand either horizontally or vertically.

The Tekneksavr invention is an easy attachment to your mobile device.
The Tekneksavr can relieve your neck and shoulders from the stress of looking down at your device all the time.

Gamers’ High Performance Headset

The ROCCAT(R) Elo X Stereo Gaming Headset from Turtle Beach is the bomb for guys super into gaming. Another of the great and stylish gifts for him! They will love this headset because it offers a weightless, dynamic fit with self-adjusting headband and memory foam ear cushions. After all, comfort is a big deal! Better still, this gaming headset offers top-level sound and mic performance including surround sound. If you have a gamer in your life, you will understand how important the sound experience is in their play.

The ROCCAT Elo X is highly popular PC gaming headset and compatible with all major consoles including latest models of Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo. Available at Best Buy retail locations and website.

Man holding The ROCCAT Elo X Stereo Gaming Headset in his arms
The ROCCAT Elo X Stereo Gaming Headset is a gamers’ dream.

Hope you love our list of stylish gifts for him – just in time for the holidays!







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