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Stargazing in Mexico’s Wine Country

In Baja California’s wine country, the night skies are clear, the lights are few and far between, and the heavens open up for some pretty spectacular sky shows. Valle de Guadalupe is the center of Mexico’s winemaking success in Baja California Norte, and the area has become a mecca for the wine tasting and foodie crowd. It’s also an ideal place to watch the nighttime skies. Planets, stars, constellations, meteors and even satellites arc above the local vineyards. Now the stars are aligning in just the right way. It’s the ideal time to plan a visit for stargazing in Mexico amid its famous Wine Country.

Perseid Meteor Shower. (photo: TadejZupancic)

In the months of July and August, there are even more starlit reasons to visit. The Perseid Meteor Shower is putting on a heavenly light show during the month. This spectacular celestial occurrence is best witnessed from a dark sky environment like Valle de Guadalupe.

According to many visitors to Mexico’s wine region, there is never a bad time for stargazing. And wine tasting. Or for dining on delicious cuisine. Or all of the above. Visitors are enjoying the rustic charm of this sweet, uncrowded valley just east of Ensenada. It is about 90 minutes drive south of San Diego.

Stargazing in Mexico

Mexico is home to several prominent locations for stargazing because the country is pleasantly lacking in light pollution. Within densely populated cities, the sprawling development contains large amounts of light from streets, businesses and residences. In Valle de Guadalupe, large swathes of land are dedicated to vineyards and free from manmade light. These darkened zones allow the night sky to be even more visible, since the human eye can adjust to seeing more from the worlds above.

A dark sky location can allow guests to see the heavens clearly. (photo: Sergio Vindiola)

Visiting Mexico to see the stars even has an official moniker – astrotourism. More and more people are flocking here for the quiet simplicity of the great outdoors, unspoiled by industrious humans.

One appropriate location for stargazing in Mexico is El Cielo Winery & Resort in Valle de Guadalupe. In English, the name of this luxury destination translates to “heaven”.  Most of the wines produced at El Cielo are named after heavenly bodies, stars, constellations, galaxies, astronomers and more.

Wine tasting is out of this world at El Cielo Winery (photo: El Cielo Resort)

Viewing the Perseid Meteor Shower in 2024

The Perseid Meteor Shower occurs every year, and some years are more prominent than others. This year, 2024 promises to offer a good show with as many as 100 meteors per hour visible to the naked eye. Of course, the darker the skies and less light pollution the better. This is why people are planning to visit Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe to view the star show from places like El Cielo Winery & Resort.

Meteor shower interpreted by themotioncloud.

Caused by debris left in the wake of the Comet Swift-Tuttle, the Perseids are most visible when Earth passes through the debris field. The Comet last passed by the Earth in 1992 and is not due again until 2126. It is thought to have originated in the Perseus constellation, and has been observed by humans for more than 2,000 years.

The meteor shower is actually tiny bits of rock and ice left behind, which have been floating in space since 1992. Most are about the size of a grain of sand. Each year our planet passes through the debris field as part of its regular rotation around the Sun. What we actually see in the meteor shower are these little bits of debris heating up as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. As they burn up and disintegrate, they appear to shoot across the sky. Some call this phenomenon “Shooting Stars” but that is actually not an accurate description.

The Perfect Winery for Stargazing in Mexico

El Cielo can lay legitimate claims as the ideal destination for stargazing in Mexico in the Valle de Guadalupe area. From its founding more than 10 years ago, the entire theme of the winery has been based on heavenly bodies and constellations. In fact, El Cielo has 3 wines from its constellation line that align with the star formations the Perseid Meteor Shower originates from. These are called Perseus, Cassiopea, Andromeda.

Most of the wines produced at El Cielo Winery are named after constellations and heavenly bodies.

To celebrate the Perseid Meteor Shower, El Cielo is offering tastings of their Constellation Wines (that includes wines named after the star formations the Perseids originate from). Costs range from $190 USD for up to 5 participants, and $300 USD for 6-10 participants.

If a quiet night is more your cup of tea, guests can also order drinks/room service/smores to enjoy by the fire pits located outside each resort casita. There are numerous spots to relax and enjoy stargazing from throughout the property as well. Personally, I think the idea of sitting back to watch the sky show with a glass of good wine in my hand sounds just about perfect.

Latitud 32 is El Cielo’s fine dining restaurant, and our dinner here was really terrific.

Booking Your Plan for Stargazing in Mexico

Interested in viewing the stars from Valle de Guadalupe? You can learn more about staying at El Cielo Resort here, and book at room or suite here.

Each casita at El Cielo Resort includes three guest suites, with huge master suite on the ground floor.




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