Splashing into Men’s Summer Styles with Stitch Fix Men

Splashing into Men’s Summer Styles with Stitch Fix Men

For this post we gladly partnered with Stitch Fix – we love working with them so this story was easy to tell.

We have a lot of travel planned for the summer, and don’t want to show up looking shabby. At home in San Diego, men’s summer styles are pretty casual. We can go to a nice restaurant in flip flops, and I’ve even seen guys in “business attire” wearing a sport coat and shorts. But we’re soon visiting other destinations like New York City, Charlotte and Washington D.C. We need to show up as stylish men looking our best for the summer, even if it’s on the beach.

Juggling jobs, kids, school and the kick-off to summer, we haven’t had time for thoughtful clothes shopping. That’s where Stitch Fix Men comes in. Our own personal stylist Cara at Stitch Fix learns our tastes, and she knows our likes and dislikes. She just sent us a box of goodies that is full of great styles.

Men’s Summer Styles

One of the things we like about Stitch Fix is the little cards they include in the box. These cards are printed with photos of the items in our box, styled with other pieces of clothing that match. This way, we get an instant idea of what to wear along with the clothes Stitch Fix Men has sent us. They make it so easy to match the new clothes with stuff we already have in our closet.

Style Delivered

There are some perks about being two dads when it comes to wardrobe. Triton and I are lucky enough to wear the exact same size in everything. Even shoes. When we got together more than 22 years ago, it was an instant doubling of our closets!

Regardless, we’re like a lot of our friends who have good taste but no time. That’s one of the many reasons we truly love Stitch Fix. The process is quick and painless, and days later a box appears on our doorstep.

Variety is Key

With so many summer social events coming up, we need a new wardrobe that mixes and matches easily. From block parties to beach bonfires, we need to be both comfortable and sharp looking.

Man About Town

For a casual kick-around-town look, we love the Original Penguin Meridian Golf Polo. It’s stretchy and comfortable fabric that breathes in hot weather, so even if it’s humid we can stay relatively cool. It looks great with a pair of navy shorts or jeans and some white kicks.

Sharp and Chic

For a crisper look, we still want to be comfortable and cool in the hot summer weather. Stitch Fix read our minds and sent some sweet John Varvatos flat front linen shorts. Yes, linen but the washed kind that looks relaxed and breezy.

Along with the shorts, we unpacked a fantastic short sleeve shirt from our Stitch Fix box. Navy, red and white in a tiny floral pattern, the shirt goes great with the linen shorts. I put on a pair of navy summer dress loafers and looked like I was ready for the country club. Definitely packing this outfit for New York!

Beach or Pool – Yes Please!

Summer is all about splashing around in the water, and frankly I don’t care whether that’s ocean or pool water. However, swim trunks can be the hardest thing for a guy to pick out. I’m not a hard body in my 20s anymore, so high and tight is not my thing. On the other hand, we’re not old yet (watch it!) so oversized tent shorts are also not on the agenda.

Once again, Cara nailed it with these Chubbies Jungle Swim Trunks. This is the perfect example of Stitch Fix sending me something I would never have purchased myself. And I like them! This is not the first time this has happened either – they just know things I will like before I even know it.

Get Into the Act

If you’re interested in trying out Stitch Fix Men, Women or Kids, they’ve given us a special code to share with our friends. Schedule your first Fix by June 29, 2019, and receive a $25 credit. Sign up for Stitch Fix now, and you can get styled for summer and save some money doing it!

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