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Ten Thousand Waves, building its reputation in Santa Fe for more than 35 years, has got to rank right up there as one of my favorite spa experiences in the world. In fact, the whole spa experience here makes Ten Thousand Waves best spa in the west – in my book anyway.

Ten Thousand Waves Best Spa in the West

Over the years, we’ve been known to make a spa visit or two (or two hundred, more like it). It’s one of our favorite things to help us decompress, and in a world of hectic schedules, crazy deadlines and increasingly busy family obligations, sometimes we all need to just take a moment, right? While in New Mexico recently for business, a visit to Ten Thousand Waves provided that moment, and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Reserve a Private Tub

Famous for private outdoor hot tubs, open to the sky and facing into the nearby terrain, Ten Thousand Waves suggests you have a soak for an hour or so before getting any treatments. The hot salt water in the tub worked it’s magic, while I stared into the trees as a light snow fell down on my head. It was like nirvana.

Everything about Ten Thousand Waves Spa is peaceful, even a pile of rocks and snow

Get More Than One Treatment

OK, you did not schlepp yourself all the way up the mountain in Santa Fe to soak in the tub and go back to your hotel. No, no, no. You are there for the duration, my friend, and should plan on several hours of goodness. There are several treatment packages suggested, or you can make your own combination of massages, facials, head and scalp rubs, body treatments, and more. Here’s what I ended up doing:

– Hot Tub for an hour
– Yasuragi head and neck treatment
– 80 minute deep tissue massage
– Japanese organic facial massage

I literally stumbled out of there with spaghetti legs, hardly able to maneuver the car down the mountain back into Santa Fe.

Take A Moment To Reflect

Come on you guys, you are in Santa Fe, New Mexico, one of the most beautiful and powerful places in the world! Take a deep inhale, clear your mind, and allow the gorgeous desert terrain to center you. Breathe!

You deserve moments like this.
Beautiful New Mexican vistas abound near Ten Thousand Waves Spa

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