secret finds at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Porte cochere at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Secrets Finds at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

*This post was made possible through a sponsored experience in partnership with The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

One of the things I like most about The Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is the interesting combination of mystery and discovery they weave into every corner of the property. I had the opportunity to stay there again recently, and found several new secret finds at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas to share.

Under new management, The Cosmopolitan has undergone some interesting transformations. The rooms have been renovated, the restaurants upgraded and the casino floor is amped up to new heights. Amid all this, the air of mystery that has always surrounded The Cosmopolitan drew me in even further.

Here are some secret finds at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas that you can hunt down yourself:

Room with a might fine view at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

Room Location – It’s not really a secret, but the rooms facing north on the high floors of the Broadway Tower give you some of the most amazing views of the Las Vegas Strip you can find anywhere. In fact, I don’t think you can find these views anywhere else. From my room on the 62nd floor, I looked out over the spectacle called the Bellagio Fountains and right up the Strip all the way to the mountains far beyond. At night, the lights were spectacular and the energy pumping. These are the things that make Las Vegas so incredible, and in my room at The Cosmopolitan I was smack dab in the middle of it all. Ask reservations to help you find the right floor and room – terrace studio fountain view.

Paella cooks in huge pans at Jaleo
The Chef at Jaleo restaurant at The Cosmopolitan stirs up a mean batch of gorgeous paella.

Secret Dining Room at JaleoJaleo at The Cosmopolitan is one of the fantastic Spanish-inspired restaurants by celebrity Chef Jose Andrés, and it does not disappoint. The food is authentic and out-of-this-world delicious, served in a beautiful dining room with an open kitchen that burns fragrant orange wood under gigantic bubbling paella pans. However, few know of the “restaurant within a restaurant” É by Jose Andrés, which is located just past the bar in the back left corner. A small door opens into an exclusive dining room that seats just 8 people, with a different menu and intimate vibe. Reservations need to be made far in advance.

Secret Bar & Lounge in Stitched – At the back of menswear haberdashery Stitched, through the beautifully hand tailored plaid sport coats, sharp suits, fun ties and made-to-fit shirts, there is a secret lounge just waiting for you. Outfitted with comfy leather furniture and a wall of private lockers stocked with rare bottles, the lounge offers guys (and their gang) a place to hang out and relax whether they are being fitted for custom tailoring or not. We enjoyed a nice glass of Maker’s Reserve and casually learned how to tie a bow tie (no more clips-ons for me!). The staff has great taste and really got my style. I will be back to Stitched for some serious wardrobe upgrades.

Stitched at The Cosmopolitan
The Lounge in the back of Stitched menswear at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas was a welcome respite.

Decor in the rooms – Even in the guest rooms, prepare yourself for one of those find-the-object games we all played as kids, where you search for the image of a golf club or a pumpkin or some other random thing inside a black and white line drawing of something from an Escher painting. At The Cosmopolitan, it’s a little racier though. Some of the discoveries are fairly obvious, like the naked parts featured in framed photos over the in-room bar. But then you start to see things that make you go “huh”, like the subtle image of a nude woman in the wallpaper of the bathroom. See how many interesting and secret design features you can find – I was up to 5 by the time I checked out.

Secret Pizza – After all that late night carousing, drinking and winning at the blackjack tables, we were hungry again. Luckily we had been tipped off about the secret pizza spot with no name on the third floor of The Cosmopolitan, located down an album cover-festooned hallway that looks like you are headed towards the back of house. Suddenly, a door opens on your left and there is an old-school pizza joint serving up slices of all varieties. You can even get a whole pie to take back to the room.

The cookie at Egg Slut – Everyone loses their shit over the egg sandwiches from LA-famous Egg Slut, and I can attest they really are that good. It is completely worth it to stand in that line to get a Fairfax Egg Sandwich plus bacon, and honestly the line moves fast. But here’s a hint – get the cookie too. I know, I know, you don’t want a cookie for breakfast. Except you do. Because this salty-sweet dark chocolate chip cookie creation is to die for. And sometimes you just gotta live.

Eggslut Fairfax Sandwich
The Fairfax sandwich at Eggslut, served up daily at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. (photo courtesy of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas)

Secret cocktail at Chandelier Bar – The centerpiece of The Cosmopolitan is the Chandelier Bar, designed and draped in millions of crystals that resemble an enormous chandelier (or maybe one of Lady Gaga’s dresses). To impress your friends, ask the bartender for the Verbena Cocktail, a creation of the Cosmopolitan’s Master Mixologist Mariena Mercer. The margarita-ish cocktail is remarkable due to the addition of the Szechuan Button Flower, floating on top of the liquor and ice. You must first eat the flower, which opens up your tastebuds and makes your mouth feel all tingly and numb. Then and only then do you take a sip of the lemon verbena-infused cocktail. It’s a taste sensation like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

Chandelier Bar secret cocktail
The secret cocktail at Chandelier Bar at The Cosmopolitan is dazzling.

Surprising Presentations at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. – The uniquely named restaurant Rose. Rabbit. Lie. is themed loosely after a twisted adult version of Alice in Wonderland, where nothing is what is seems. It’s part supper club, part dinner theater, and the live entertainment is of very high caliber and really really fun – especially if powerhouse Skye Miles is performing).

Skye Miles performs at Rose.Rabbit.Lie.
Me and my friend Skye Miles as she entertains the fans at Rose.Rabbit.Lie.

The food is outstanding, but the presentation will knock your socks off (you have to try the Caviar Tacos, Lobster Fritters and Beef Wellington). These chefs work very hard to tantalize your tastebuds and your mind at the same time. Take the cocktails for example – one drink named “Birds of a Feather” was served in a tall, clear-glass bird sculpture, complete with glass straw for sipping right from the bird. Another drink called “Through the Looking Glass”, is a combination of tequila, other liquors and fresh citrus – all presented in a round spyglass contraption. Stunning! And don’t forget to order the Chocolate Terrarium for dessert. It will come to the table in a presentation you have very likely never seen. Get your cameras ready, because it’s Instagram time all up in this place.

Rose.Rabbit.Lie. serves up some wicked cocktails
The Birds of a Feather cocktail is served up at Rose.Rabbit.Lie.(photo courtesy of The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas)

The Chelsea concert venue – If you have never seen a concert at The Chelsea, you are missing out. The Cosmopolitan’s main venue is remarkably intimate with a max of only 2,500 seats. This way each guest gets to truly enjoy the act they have come to see, without sitting in the nosebleed section, or having to bribe some security guard to get you on to the main floor. This place is luxe and comfortable – and in true Vegas style, the cocktails are impeccable. Acts like Portugal. The Man., Dua Lipa, The Doobie Brothers and Duran Duran have all been on the concert schedule at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and the fans go wild because each person feels so damn close to the stage.

I was only there for three nights, and I’m sure there are more surprising yet to be discovered. What secret finds at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas have you spied out? Spill please! After all, sharing is caring…

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