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Schoolyard Fashionistas

Reblogged from 2008 — Sometimes I feel the pressure to live up to my reputation as a proper gay dad by dressing my daughters with a little style. It sounds cliché, I know – a gay father dressing his daughters to the nines.

But since being fashionable matters to me, and I possess the proper gene to inform my fashion sense, therefore it matters that my girls look good too. Triton and I are not ones to go overboard. The girls are not wearing Gucci sundresses and carrying Louis Vuitton’s latest multi-colored backpack (yet). They just….look good. Whether the clothes came from Neiman-Marcus or Gap Kids, they wear it well.

What’s so interesting is that everyone (translation: all the mothers at school during morning drop off) has a comment to share. As we walk on to the playground each morning, bright and shiny and ready for a new day, I see the mommy once-overs and an occasional side-eye.

Yep. The hand moves to the sunglasses, pulls them down the for a better visual, the eyes take it all in from head to toe, and a look of awe (or is it inadequacy?) comes over their faces as they try to refocus back on the school day’s beginnings.

I can almost hear the collective “oh-no-you-diddunt”.

Sure, they all make positive statements like “Your girls always look so perfect” or “Where did you get those tights?” But underneath their breath, are they saying “How dare you upstage my daughter, you nasty drag queen” or “What will those damn gays be up to next”?

Hmmm. I wonder.

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