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Podcast: Interview on Daddy Unscripted about Gay Parenting

It’s not often you have an interviewer that makes you feel so comfortable. Comfortable enough that the interview seems more like a conversation with a friend. Tim Wheaton of the phenomenal podcast Daddy Unscripted was just that guy. Tim’s podcast interview with me on Daddy Unscripted about the challenges of gay parenting was a joy. It proved the interview subject should actually be called the Joys of Gay Parenting. Our kids mean the world to us, and this is the story of how our family was created.

When the girls were little.

Listen to Our Interview on Daddy Unscripted

Listen to the podcast interview of Jon Bailey on Daddy Unscripted here.

I talk about growing up, how my own dad was such an amazing guy, my extended family and more. Tim also got me to talk about how Triton and I met, and how we planned a family. I even went into some details about the adoptions of Sophia and Ava. What an amazing gift their birthmothers gave to us, helping us to create a loving family and home for our kids.

In the interview, we cover things like:

  • How does adoption work for gay dads?
  • What are some of the dumbest questions strangers ask gay dads (sometimes in front of the kids!)
  • Have the kids experienced any bullying as part of the family’s journey?
  • How exactly did Sophia’s letter to President Obama reverberate around the world?
  • And more much….

Happy listening!

newborn baby girls
These little nuggets are what makes a family – Sophia on left and Ava on right. Each one day old.

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