PLANN is our Instagram secret weapon and makes posting so easy

PLANN is our Instagram Secret Weapon

When we discover a cool app that makes life easier, the download cannot come fast enough. That’s how we felt about PLANN when we discovered the ease this app brings to scheduling, curating and posting our 2DadsWithBaggage Instagram content. PLANN is our Instagram Secret Weapon! (This post is not sponsored – we seriously just love PLANN and wanted to share the goodness).

Basically, PLANN allows us to load multiple photos/videos and then save them, planning in advance what we want to say, how we want it to appear in our stream, and when we want to post it. Plus PLANN is an approved IG partner, so need to worry about being tagged and shadow banned – it’s not a bot.


PLANN allows you to drag and drop photos in the grid to curate your look.

Here’s why we love it:

  • PLANN stores our chosen photos and videos in its library, easily copying them over from our iPhones with a couple of taps.
  • There is a fairly robust photo editing array offered so you can adjust photos within the app before posting, including filters and text overlay.
  • Once loaded into their 3-in-a-row grid, we can drag and drop photos into the positions we want for future posting.
  • We can curate our content with attention to how the photos look together and how it will appear to our followers when posted.
  • From there, we can write captions for each photo and save them, storing up captioned content for as long as we like until ready to post (even stories!).
  • PLANN even allows us to schedule a reminder for when to post, and the app will prompt us for each post at the time we want them to go live. Then we just copy and paste into Instagram and push live.
  • AND HERE IS THE BEST THING EVER – we can save groups of hashtags, organized by subject or content type, and then simply copy and paste the entire group of hashtags into the copy of each photo! This feature alone makes the whole thing worth it.


Organize and save hashtags to avoid typing them every time? YES PLEASE.


Minimal Charges

This app is not free, and has several levels of fee depending on what level of participation you need. We’ve chosen the $5/month option, which allows us unlimited numbers of content stored and the ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts at once. (There is also a $3/month option for more simple needs).

Honestly, we don’t often gush about products like this, but PLANN deserves it. This app saves us so much time, allowing us to actually enjoy our family and whatever we are experiencing instead of manically typing hashtags into an Instagram photo caption. Can you relate?

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