Parents Getaway Weekend in Las Vegas - No Kids! - 2 Dads with Baggage
view Las Vegas strip at night

Parents Getaway Weekend in Las Vegas – No Kids!

* A portion of our stay was hosted by The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and the opinions expressed here are our own as always.

Sometimes it’s all just too much, and you need a healthy break from your kids. There’s plenty of research from highly educated experts that supports this, so who are we to argue? When Triton’s birthday and our 21st anniversary coincided this summer, we knew it was time for a parents getaway weekend in Las Vegas.

When exhaustion sets in from too much family, too many responsibilities, too many carpools, tutors, lessons and homework, it’s time. Time for the parents to have a moment for each other, for ourselves, for our sanity. And what better place for that escape than Las Vegas?

Welcome to Las Vegas Airport
You know you’ve hit the Las Vegas Airport from the flashing lights and slot machines that greet you as you deplane.


There are a few things to consider when planning your parents getaway weekend, so read on for some tips and recs.

Planning a Parents Getaway Weekend in Las Vegas

As soon as the thought occurs to you that it’s time for a break, it’s past due. You need to act fast. You and I both know that we just keep our heads down, persevering the daily grind until that big red thermometer in our heads hit overload. Rather than explode, go online and start planning. Or better yet, you can ask Alexa to do it – she comes well equipped to plan travel nowadays.

crystal drapes at Chandelier Bar Las Vegas
The Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is draped with millions of crystals.

Checklist for Parents Getaway Weekend in Las Vegas

Plan in Advance

  1. Choose a hotel you would never stay at with your kids. Come on, do it right and spend some time with other adults and no crying kids – especially when they’re not your own. We chose The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, because it is distinctly for adults (no, not like that!) No roller coasters, no play areas, no kids menus.
  2. Book a suite. You’re in Vegas after all, so be a baller for the weekend and get a nice room. Ours had a terrace overlooking the Bellagio fountains, a fantastic view of the Strip from the 65th floor, and a giant bathroom with soaking tub.

    view Las Vegas strip at night
    The view of the Las Vegas Strip from our room on the 65th floor at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas – not too shabby.
  3. Book spa appointments at Sahra Spa & Hammam. A steam, whirlpool, sauna and massage will do wonders to loosen that crick in your neck you’ve had since your first child was born.
  4. Make dinner reservations early. Cool places book up fast, and if you want to see a show (see #4 below) you’ll need to schedule dinner properly to leave enough time to get there. On our first night (Friday) we chose to stay at The Cosmopolitan and eat at their delicious and quirky restaurant, Rose.Rabbit.Lie. This place is part cabaret/part gourmet restaurant/part Alice in Wonderland. Trust me, just go – you have to experience it to believe it. Tell Skye we sent you.
Skye Dee Miles at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Skye performs most nights at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. supper club at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and her show is spectacular.

Be Spontaneous

  1. If you’re up for it, grab an after-dinner drink at The Chandelier. Located back near the gaming tables, this three-story bar is draped in zillions of strands of crystals. It’s literally like sitting inside a giant chandelier. Order the Secret Cocktail – just trust us. You’re kidless!

    Secret Drink at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
    When you visit The Chandelier at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, order the secret drink – it’s a sensation.
  2. Play a few casino games. Remember, you’re a baller for the weekend – try roulette or craps like you know what you’re doing!
  3. Hit the bed (eventually).
  4. Rise and have some breakfast at Eggslut. Yes that is really what it’s called, and we’re not sure why. But their egg sandwiches are so damn good it really doesn’t matter what their name is. Salted chocolate chip cookie optional.
Sahra Spa entrance at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
As you enter Sahra Spa at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, this waterfall and stone walls form an optical illusion.

Make Time to Relax

  1. Go to the pool and lay around for several hours. Maybe bring your ear buds and listen to something other than Disney tunes. Or maybe read a trashy romance novel. Or maybe? Just maybe sit and do nothing, and remember what that felt like before kids.
  2. Head to the Sahra spa for that steam/whirlpool/sauna and massage. If you are lucky you will get Le’ Shaun as your massage therapist – she was (almost) the best thing about this entire weekend.
  3. After that spa experience, a little afternoon nap will be in order. Maybe try out that tub for two in the room?

Hit the Town

Cirque de Soleil Zumanity Mistress of Ceremonies
The spectacle at Zumanity was really sexy and like nothing we have back home, that’s for sure!
  1. Get dressed up – do this for each other. Just like you took a little extra time to look good when you were dating, this is the time to brush the kids’ cookie crumbs and snot rags aside and clean yourselves up – it’s Saturday night!
  2. Hit a restaurant, see a show, go dancing at one of the many nightclubs along the Strip! At one point on Saturday night, we taxi’d over to see Zumanity at New York, New York. This is Cirque de Soleil’s adult-themed show, and it was certainly that. Definitely NOT for kids or the faint of heart. Outrageously sexy women and men romp around the stage doing suggestive things, all corralled by a Master/Mistress of Ceremonies – a 6-foot-something drag queen in red stilettos. Our retinas are still burning from things we can never unsee.
  3. Back at the Cosmo, hit up Milk Bar for a little dessert snack. I tried the Crack Pie and had to go back for me (go figure). Triton tried the soft serve chocolate pretzel flavor – salty and sweet with a little crunch thrown in.

    dessert at Milk Bar Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
    The Crack Pie at Milk Bar in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas was so good, we kept having to go back for more. Go figure!
  4. Go dancing at Omnia, or not. Drink more, or not. Maybe go to the room, order a bottle of bubbly from room service, and take in the view of the famous Vegas lights from your private terrace balcony. Remember The Cosmopolitan’s tag line: “Just the right amount of wrong”. Live!
  5. Wake up, eat some Eggslut, pack up, and return home to those gorgeous kids. You’ll be rested, relaxed and ready to help with that f*@#ing common core math homework again.

    Fairfax Sandwich at Eggslut Las Vegas
    The Fairfax Sandwich at Egg Slut is the perfect antidote for the mild Las Vegas hangover you might be feeling.

Have a blast and let us know how it went! We love to hear your stories….

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