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Sophia Loves Jack – Concert Meet and Greet

Ever heard of the boy band called Jack and Jack? Yeah, me neither. But Sophia and her friends certainly have, and as the parents of a teen girl we’re getting an education on crushes. Sophia insists she will one day marry Jack Johnson, to the point where she sometimes refers to herself as Sophia Johnson. […]

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How Do I Tell Them About This?

As I sit here, stunned and pondering what just happened with the hateful shootings in Orlando and a world where someone could act with such hate, I can’t help but think about my kids. I think about the world they are growing up in – a world where mass shootings are an actual thing. A […]

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The Hell That is the San Diego County Fair

Come on, you know exactly what I mean. It’s that love/hate relationship we have with our local county fair – the one where your kids beg you to take them each summer. In our city, it’s the San Diego County Fair, or as I like to call it – Hell Fair. There’s a reason that […]

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The Dance of the Summer Camps

During summers, we try to keep the girls entertained, out of trouble and away from staring at their various screens by booking them into summer camps. Over the years, we’ve tried Campfire Girls’ Camp Cahito to explore nature and the great outdoors, science camp at the Natural History Museum, the call of the wild at […]

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Schoolyard Fashionistas

Reblogged from 2008 — Sometimes I feel the pressure to live up to my reputation as a proper gay dad by dressing my daughters with a little style. It sounds cliché, I know – a gay father dressing his daughters to the nines. But since being fashionable matters to me, and I possess the proper gene […]

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I’m the Mommy and the Daddy

Reblogged from 2008 — Not in the literal sense, but Triton and I often feel like we are filling both roles simultaneously – mother and father at once. We shift back and forth between the stereotypical and the completely atypical…many, many times a day. He’s the best, my Triton. He makes it seem effortless as […]

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