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Quick Antidote for Queasy Travel Stomach

Whether you feel a little motion sick from a rocky boat ride, or perhaps ate something that didn’t agree with you, here’s a quick antidote for queasy travel stomach that worked for me on our recent visit in Mexico: Plain seltzer water Juice of two fresh limes Cold ice made from bottled water Salted rim […]

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Disneyland: A Necessary Evil

Most parents I know share our view that a visit to Disneyland is a necessary evil, conjuring a love/hate relationship worthy of the best Ursula the Sea Witch impersonation. Don’t get me wrong – our family LOVES to visit Disneyland. It’s just that the whole experience is so damn expensive! Since the girls were born, […]

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Lair of the Bear Family Camp

[custom-mapping map_id=”6306″ height=”300″] Each summer from the time I was 5 years old, we spent a week together at a family camp called Lair of the Bear. The Lair, as it was fondly nicknamed, was open to alumni of the University of California system, and since my dad was a graduate of UC Berkeley, we […]

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What To Visit in Vietnam With Kids

[custom-mapping map_id=”6309″ height=”300″] Vietnam is an amazing and beautiful country, and a great place to visit with kids when you know what destinations and sights to visit. Here’s my recent story for on our family travel experience in Vietnam. The tour of old Hanoi in traditional rickshaws – we were pulled by old men […]

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Daddy Needs A Break

Alone time. Peace and quiet. Some time away. Escaping the madness. Call it what you will, but in every parent’s cycle, there comes that time when Daddy needs a break. A break from the constant needs of others. A break from pretending to have all the answers. A break from the dawn-to-dusk fever pitch that […]

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