Panera Bread now delivers right to home or office
Panera Bakery delivers lunch

Office Lifesaver: Panera Bread Now Delivers

*This post is sponsored by Panera Bread, a place we like to go whether they sponsor us or not!

If you work in an office like me, it’s likely that you’ve been caught off-guard when busy mornings end in a last minute scramble for lunch. As prepared as I like to be about where my next meal is coming from (kind of obsessed with food), I’m thrilled to learn that Panera Bread – one of my lunch favorites – will now delivery right to my office. Delicious sandwiches, soups and salads freshly made without me having to fetch it? Yes please!

When things are really buzzing at work, the thought about what to eat for lunch doesn’t come up until my stomach tells me it’s too late. My friends and family will tell you, I’m not at my best when I am hungry -hangry is more like it. At these moments, I tend to rush out and get something to eat from a place close by, and that is not always the healthiest or best tasting choice. Fast is not always better, except when it comes to delivery. Panera Bread’s new delivery service has all that dialed in, which makes me – and everyone else around me – very happy.

order Panera Bakery delivery
Ordering online with Panera Bread was an easy way for me to arrange lunch delivery.

Super Easy to Order

Last Wednesday, I knew my day was going to be a doozy, so I went online to and placed my order in the morning before the crazy started. Knowing a couple of office mates would be in the trenches with me, I ordered for all three of us. The online menu was easy to click through, and the choices plentiful.

My only difficulty in placing the delivery order with Panera Bread was choosing between all the great options. I ended up ordering a Roasted Turkey and Avocado BLT on Panera’s delicious homemade sourdough bread, a Caesar Salad With Chicken for my gluten-free colleague, and a nice combo of savory Summer Corn Chowder and a half Modern Greek Salad with kale, quinoa, olives and feta.

Set Your Delivery Time

Because of our crazy meeting schedule, we had a break between meetings for about 25 minutes in which to eat lunch. I needed our delivery from Panera Bread to arrive within a narrow window of time, allowing us to enjoy our lunch without rush. The last thing we wanted to do was stand over a desk, gulping down quick bites before rushing off to the next thing.


From there I opted in for Panera to text me when the delivery was on its way. I could track the progress as our delivery guy headed towards us with our lunch in hand.

Delivery tracking with Panera Bakery
With an easy text from Panera Bread, I was able to track my delivery order as it made it’s way to me.

Delivered with a Smile

Panera delivered perfectly on time (bonus points for arriving even a little early). A text let me know the delivery was arriving.

Panera Bakery text upon delivery
I received another text when the delivery was arriving, so I could go meet the driver in our office reception area.

Panera’s guy Garrett arrived with his trusty Panera Bread delivery bag, ready to leave us with delicious food all ready to eat. With a friendly smile and nod, he asked me to sign for the delivery and handed over the goods.

Everything in our delivery arrived perfectly. The soup was piping hot, salads were fresh and crispy, and the sandwich tasted as though it was just made. I know the nearest Panera Bread is not just right around the corner, so we were all impressed the food was delivered with such high quality and standards.

Panera Bakery delivers
Our delivery arrived quickly and easily from Panera Bread, hand delivered to us from our friendly driver.

Easiest Lunch Order Ever

Sometimes when we order lunch into the office, it’s a laborious process of going through a printed menu and deciding what you want while everyone else does the same. Then some unlucky cohort has to combine all the orders and call or click it in, hoping for the best. In these situations it always seems like someone doesn’t get what they wanted, or the mayo wasn’t left off, or any number of missteps.

With a trusted name like Panera Bread, I knew my online order would be processed just as I intended. And it was.

perfect delivery from Panera Bakery
Our food from Panera Bread arrived in perfect condition – hot soup, crisp salad and even a fresh baquette.


Quick. Reliable. Affordable. Delicious. Yep, I think we have a new lunch solution with Panera Bread Delivery.

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