New Portal by Facebook a Handy Household Connection Point -
Man selects option to watch videos on Portal by Facebook

New Portal by Facebook a Handy Household Connection Point

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We needed one more piece of connected technology in our house like a hole in the head – or so I thought. Then we were introduced to the new Portal by Facebook and my opinion changed for the better. In fact, our new Portal has been so helpful I’m thinking about getting one for my brother Chris too. (Shhhh, don’t tell him.)

You see, Chris likes video calls with his kids, his friends and our family. During these times where we are all at home more often, he’s been connecting more than ever. We both appreciate staying in touch despite the 500-mile difference. It’s been nice to connect via phone, but Portal by Facebook brings us a whole new world of connectivity.

Man watching videos on Portal by Facebook
I love that we can all watch videos (instructional of course!) on Portal through YouTube, Facebook and more.

New Portal by Facebook Offers Many Cool Functions

Portal Enables Regular Video Chats with Family

Chris and I both inherited by mom’s natural ease in the kitchen, and we learned the love of food and cooking from her. Since she cooked her traditional Sicilian dishes from memory, there were no written recipes to share. My brother and I learned by watching her cook. The thing is, we don’t always remember all the steps and ingredients. There are regular calls back and forth to ask each other questions about food or reminisce about favorite dishes she made.

For example, we helped each other remember how to make this Italian Meatball recipe of mom’s.

Two men laugh during video chat on Portal by Facebook.
My brother and I swap recipes and family stories all the time, and video calls make it even better.

Although my kids aren’t old enough to really be cooking their own meals yet, Chris’ daughters are. His younger daughter Becky is a great cook, and I know often calls him to ask questions about dishes too.

It would be so much easier to show each other how to do it via real time video. That’s where Portal by Facebook shines for us.

Cooking Together Remotely

One of the awesome things about new Portal by Facebook is the smart technology built into the unit. I can set Portal on my kitchen counter while I am preparing a recipe and talk with Chris at the same time. Portal’s Smart Camera actually automatically follows me as I move around the kitchen. It pans across the kitchen as I dart from counter to stove to frig and back again. No need for a hand-held device to show the action, and I can have both hands free!

While I’m making one of my favorite recipes from mom, Portal’s Smart Sound technology automatically turns down the volume on any background noise. The built-in microphone focuses quality sound on me speaking and the conversation I’m having.

man uses Portal by Facebook in kitchen while videochatting with female friend
My friend Patti and I just starting a livestream cooking show, and I love planning with her via video calls on Portal.

New Portal by Facebook is Alexa Enabled

With Alexa built in, I can ask for help when I get stuck on something. For example – when I need a substitute for a recipe ingredient I don’t have. I can ask Alexa for alternatives, or to look up a similar recipes so I can consider my options.

I actually use Alexa a lot, not just for cooking. I mean, like a lot. I ask her questions all the time and get answers to a zillion different queries. Now because Portal is so portable, I can access Alexa from anywhere our home wifi can reach. I can even sit outside on the deck and multi-task with Alexa’s help.

Tunes and Photos to Entertain

Music is a big part of our lives and I love to have background music playing when I’m working. I’ve also connected my Pandora account to my new Portal by Facebook so I can access my playlists and favorite music. When I’m not chatting or needing Facebook interface, my favorite tunes can keep me company.

Portal can also run a slide show of my favorite photos when it’s not providing one of the other functions. I went into my photo library to choose which ones I wanted to see on the Portal. The screen quality, clarity and crispness are all high-level.

I guess that’s why Facebook named it Portal. It really acts like a window of connection to the rest of my world.

Man selects option to watch videos on Portal by Facebook
It’s easy to watch videos on Facebook while I cook dinner in the kitchen.

You Can Own Portal Too – And I’ve Got a Deal!

If you’re interested in ordering new Portal by Facebook for your own home, I’ve got a special deal to share! Right now you can order any two Portals and receive $50 off your order – plus free shipping (no coupon code required). Just use my affiliate link and your special deal from Portal by Facebook will be automatically applied!

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