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Manage and Share Your Wedding Photos with ibi

This post was sponsored by the makers of ibi as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. We were sent a complimentary unit so we could share our real opinions with our readers.

When we got married four years ago, the photo storage and sharing solutions of ibi did not exist. We sure wish they had, because it would have made things SO much easier. Managing wedding photos with ibi, we could have collected photos from all our guests in one place. Then, we could have shared them back out in a safe and secure group.

What happened with our wedding photos certainly did not go that way.

Our Wedding Photo Story

“We don’t need a wedding photographer,” I said. When Triton questioned that remark, I reminded him that so many of our friends and family are fantastic photographers. We would just ask everyone to share the photos and videos they took of our wedding. This way, we’d have this fun patchwork of content and perspectives from many different vantage points.

Well, it was a good idea anyway.

The thing is, the 250 family and friends at our wedding were feeling the moment. We felt the love as they paid full attention to our ceremony and had a blast at the party afterwards. With everyone so focused on enjoying the fun, some didn’t remember to take pictures and videos. Many did, however, and we got some really great shots.

But the resulting collection of photos and videos was hard for all of our loved ones to transfer into one spot. Coming from many people of varying tech literacy, it was challenging to collect all their snaps. Some came via file sharing services, some on a thumb drive, some via email. Varying degrees of resolution were used, because of transferring files so big.

Luckily, we can now enjoy our digital wedding photos, create albums and share with ibi right from our laptops or mobile devices. Even our daughters can access our wedding album through the ibi app on their phones, and reminisce about that great day we shared together.

Managing Wedding Photos With ibi

In today’s world, managing wedding photos with ibi makes all the difference. The product is pretty brilliant really, and we can attest to its success because we already have an ibi at home.

With ibi, you can upload your photo library into the product’s 2 Terabyte storage drive. Triton and I can even set up photo albums within ibi, so photos can be separated by event or category. Also, we’ve got ours set to automatically sync any new photos we add to our collection.

Our worst nightmare would be losing our precious photos, from our wedding or any of our other important moments in life!

What If We Had ibi 4 Years Ago?

One of the beautiful things about ibi is being able to share our photo albums with a select group of chosen insiders. We can select the people from our inner circle we want to include in seeing an album. Then that group can access and view the photos and videos in that album, and no others. They can also be invited to upload photos into that album, or others for that matter. By just downloading the ibi app, they can very easily participate in the fun without needing to own an ibi themselves.

For our wedding, we could have simply invited our guests to our wedding album in the ibi smart photo manager. From there, they could have just uploaded them via mobile device, Wi-Fi or web access from anywhere.

ibi Makes A Great Wedding Gift

We are so sold on the ibi photo sharing solution, this is becoming our favorite wedding gift! My cousin and her husband were recently married, and we’re giving them an ibi as a post-wedding present. We know they’ll use all the capabilities ibi has to offer and form their own albums and photo communities.

Congrats to Emilia and Chris on a long and happy marriage. Now you can chronicle the whole thing from start to finish on ibi!

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