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Our Big Gay Road Trip

Some friends even suggested we rent an RV for the full road trip experience, but clearly they have no gay friends. “Gays do not RV,” I stated emphatically.

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International Family Equality Day

LOVE MAKES A FAMILY. That’s the motto for the world’s largest day of celebrating families like ours on International Family Equality Day, May 7. And we think it’s very appropriate. When Sophia wrote her now famous viral letter to President Obama, and he personally wrote her back in his own eloquent prose, he said those […]

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Marching For Our Girls

Let’s face it, this new presidency has been terribly bruising for us all, regardless which side of that big ol’ fence you sit on. When we learned there would be a Women’s March San Diego, Triton and I knew we wanted to go. Little did we know how meaningful – and emotional – it would […]

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Filling Out Those Damn School Forms

For same sex parents, filling out those damn school forms is not only a chore but also incredibly insulting. You see, every year the girls come home with this hideously thick packet of school forms to be filled out by their parents. The process necessary to go through each individual piece of paper is both time-consuming and […]

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