letter to President Obama about having two dads 
Bailey-Klugh family at the White House

Sophia’s Letter Exchange with Obama Honored at International Event

After a heartfelt request, we recently granted permission for Sophia’s now-famous letter to President Obama about having two dads to be read aloud at Net-A-Porter’s annual fundraiser called the Incredible Women Gala. Held October 9 in Los Angeles and attended by a star-studded list of VIP guests, the Gala raised funds for Vital Voices. Not only that, the letter exchange was read aloud by two esteemed actors – Oscar winner Mahershala Ali (reading for Obama) and Storm Reid (reading for Sophia).

PORTERâ€'s Incredible Women Gala
Storm Reid at Porter’s Incredible Women Gala, moments before she read Sophia’s letter to President Obama aloud.

It changed our lives in Fall 2010 when Sophia wrote her letter to President Obama about having two dads. Little did we know how this simple act from Sophia’s heart would resonate around the world. And it still is. This was such an important milestone in our LGBT family and others like us. We call it the Neverending Gift, and the request from Net-A-Porter reminded us again of its significance.

Incredible Women Gala

What an honor for Sophia and the rest of us to know that her words still have meaning, and are kept relevant by events such as the Incredible Women Gala.

PORTER's Incredible Women Gala
Annie Lennox and Charlize Theron attended Porter’s Incredible Women Gala October 9 in LA.

This event has some serious international cred. This year’s Third Annual Incredible Women Gala 2018 was co-hosted  Porter’s Editor-in-Chief Lucy Yeomans and Universal Pictures chairman, Donna Langley in association with Estée Lauder. Featured celebrity guests included Annie Lennox, Charlize Theron,  Amber Heard, Leslie Mann, Tiffany Haddish, Miranda Kerr, Ellen Pompeo, Busy Philipps, Kumail Nanjiani, Kate Beckinsale, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Mahershala Ali, Cindy Holland and Tina Tchen.

This is not the first time we’ve been asked for the permission to read Sophia’s letter aloud. Not long ago the creator of Letters of Note, Shaun Usher, asked to include Sophia’s letter in his latest compilation of notable letters from throughout history. In addition, Letters of Note performed a live reading at London’s Freemasons Hall.


Sophia Bailey-Klugh letter to President Obama
Sophia’s now-famous letter to President Obama about having two dads.


President Obama letter to Sophia Bailey-Klugh
And President Obama’s letter back to Sophia was epic.

Sophia’s Continued Impact

Especially now when our nation’s rhetoric has taken such an unpleasant turn, we know people around the world need touchstones like this letter exchange. We sure do! We need to be reminded of the goodness in the world, that there are people with hearts and minds that match our own. People that live with love, not hatred – and are trying to spread that love however best they can.

Bailey-Klugh family at the White House
President Obama invited us to attend the Annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House!

Sometimes the words of a child can break through most clearly. We’re so thankful and proud for our daughters’ brave hearts and strong minds. Sophia and Ava mean absolutely everything to us, just like your children mean to you.

Let’s not fuck it up for them, huh?


Bailey-Klugh family with Katie Couric
Why yes we did appear on the Katie Couric show to honor Sophia’s letter exchange with President Obama. It was pretty awesome!
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