Hotel Review: Family Fun at the La Jolla Shores Hotel
aerial view of La Jolla Shores Hotel

Hotel Review: Family Fun at the La Jolla Shores Hotel

Sometimes you don’t need to travel farther than your own back yard for a wonderful family getaway. Recently we had the greatest staycation ever, with tons of family fun in La Jolla at the La Jolla Shores Hotel. With it’s prime beachfront location overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this hotel is well positioned for Southern California beach vacations. Whether you live in the area or visiting from out of town, La Jolla Shores Hotel is one of the best San Diego hotels on the beach.

girl views beach from balcony at La Jolla Shores Hotel
Our room at La Jolla Shores Hotel had this incredible balcony view

Best San Diego Hotels on the Beach

People think California beachfront hotels are a dime a dozen, but they’re not really. There are many amazing hotels on along the California Coast we love to stay in, but not many are oceanfront. In California, “oceanfront” can mean a lot of things. Sometimes the terrain can be hilly and unpredictable, meaning guests cannot typically walk directly out of the hotel and on to the sand. Sometimes “ocean view” can be misleading too. More than once, we’ve been surprised by hotels with “ocean views” from across the road. Or worse yet, a sliver view squeezed between two other tall buildings.

This is definitely not the case at the La Jolla Shores Hotel. This is Southern California beachfront, complete with the iconic boardwalk to boot. And this is why it ranks as one of our best San Diego hotels on the beach. AND THE BEACH IS AMAZING!

You can walk for miles on the beach in front of the La Jolla Shores Hotel.

Great History in La Jolla

Holding court on La Jolla Shores beach for decades, the La Jolla Shores Hotel has been fulfilling guests’ dreams for many years. Generations within families have grown up loving the casual vibe at this hotel. Many continue to come back year after year, now with children of their own and grandparents in tow. In fact, when we were staying here we saw many multi-generational families enjoying the hotel and its offerings.

La Jolla has long been recognized as the jewel of San Diego. It’s an affluent enclave with a beachy vibe, where surfer dudes in board shorts mix nicely with ladies who lunch. Home of Torrey Pines Golf Course, Scripps Aquarium, designer boutiques and bazillion dollar homes, La Jolla is also blessed with a chill vibe. At the center of all this Southern California energy, the La Jolla Shores Hotel holds court.

La Jolla Shores Hotel entrance
Main entrance of La Jolla Shores Hotel

Remodeled Rooms

After a recent room remodel, the spacious guest accommodations at La Jolla Shores Hotel are impressive. Our room had an enormous wrap-around deck and stunning views of La Jolla Shores beaches north and south. We could enjoy watching the waves along Scripps Pier, the kids playing in the surf, and kayaks paddling out to sea. Honestly, we were so close to the sand we could read the words on the sunbathers’ trashy summer novels if we wanted to. But who wants to do that when there are so many gorgeous vistas to take in?

Our room had two queen beds and a fold-out couch, along with sitting areas both inside and out on the decks. Our teen girls have gotten to the point where they refuse to share a bed, so the fold-out was very welcome!  Bathrooms were spacious but not overly luxurious. The emphasis is definitely on the view here, and why not. The La Jolla Shores Hotel is one of the best San Diego hotels on the beach for a reason: THE BEACH IS AMAZING.

hotel room view at La Jolla Shores Hotel
Enjoying the view from our room at La Jolla Shores Hotel

Fantastic Dining at Shores Restaurant

In my nearly 30 years of living in San Diego, I had never eaten at The Shores Restaurant inside the La Jolla Shores Hotel. And after having dinner and breakfast there, I’m asking myself why I’ve not been there before. Not only was the food excellent, but did I mention it is beachfront? And remember, THE BEACH IS AMAZING.

Arriving for dinner, we must have timed ourselves perfectly as we were seated by the giant picture window. Overlooking the beach, ocean, and setting sun, we felt so perfectly San Diegan. Instantly we were all in a good mood, and the rest of the evening was only up from there. As our attentive and knowledgeable waiter got us settled with drinks, we dug into the menu.

La Jolla Shores Hotel patio with roses
Outdoor dining at The Shores Restaurant has killer ocean views.

The Shores Restaurant Menu

Right away, one item stood out that we had to try – Brussels Sprouts with Habenero Sausage, Pecans and Goat Cheese. We love all those things! Never have we had crispy Brussels sprouts served with melted goat cheese, and we could not get enough. Another stand out was the Pesto Ricotta Flat Bread, colorful and delicious with tomatoes, artichokes and spinach. The Chicken Potstickers were also out-of-this-world, and surprised us with their perfectly flavored Asian bite. We were off to a great start.

chicken potstickers at La Jolla Shores Hotel
Chicken potstickers and a cucumber gimlet at The Shores Restaurant? Yes please!

Our entrees were also delicious and well prepared. We sampled the Maine Diver Scallops, Dynamite Wild Shrimp with Forbidden Rice (why is it forbidden when it’s sooooo good?) and more. Everything was superb – well seasoned, not too fussy and extremely well prepared and plated.

And in the midst of this amazing meal, the sun set over the blue Pacific Ocean directly in front of our table. Honestly a postcard-perfect view and by the way, the view of THE BEACH IS AMAZING!

Sunset at La Jolla Shores Hotel
Watching the sunset from Shores Restaurant at the La Jolla Shores Hotel.

We finished with The Shores Restaurant version of Banana Split Mudd Pie, a sinfully delicious concoction we shared along with the Passionfruit Layered Cheesecake. Ridiculously rich and tasty.

Banana Split Mudd Pie at Shores Restaurant La Jolla
This Banana Split Mudd Pie was gone in 60 seconds.

La Jolla Family Activities

After all that feasting, we had to get up and be active the next day. There are so many thing to do in the area, we came up with a list of things for a fun family day at La Jolla Cove.

Or you can simply stay put at the La Jolla Shores Hotel. With so many activities right there, you may not want to leave.

sunset over pool at La Jolla Shores Hotel
View looking west towards Pacific Ocean from La Jolla Shores Hotel.

Booking Details

For room details and pricing, visit The room we stayed in starts at approximately $499 during high season, and other rooms can be booked starting at around $319.

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