Just Launched My New Cookbook - One-Pan Cooking for Men! -
One-Pan Cookbook for Men by Jon Bailey

Just Launched My New Cookbook – One-Pan Cooking for Men!

I’m so excited to finally announce that I wrote a cookbook! It’s called One-Pan Cookbook for Men: 100 Easy Single-Skillet Recipes to Step Up Your Cooking Game, and you can pre-order it now on Amazon! Best yet, my new cookbook for men is being released now – just in time for holiday gift ideas.

Since I was a little kid growing up in Northern California, my brother, cousins and I always played in the kitchen because we knew that was the source of many good things. In our family food was an expression of love. My Sicilian nana must have really loved us because she cooked us amazing meals, a talent she passed on to my mom and her brothers. There were never any written recipes back then, and the family cooking secrets were passed through the generations by word of mouth and watching. So we watched my nana cook, and then we watched my mom and her brothers cook. And we learned from this family experience. Later we asked them to start writing things down, and some of those family recipes are included in this book.

One-Pan Cookbook for Men

Now in my own kitchen, I cook for my family most nights of the week. Sometimes I prepare a dish from memory, and sometimes I’ll call my brother or a cousin to help me remember exactly how to replicate one of those Sicilian dishes. Other times I will follow a recipe to a T, like when baking. (Helpful hint: always follow a recipe for baking exactly the way it is written. We learned this the hard way, and my kids still love to tell the story of the erupting banana cake volcano.)  People seem to like my cooking, and started asking me for the recipes of dishes I served them.

That’s why I wrote my new cookbook One-Pan Cooking for Men! Easy and delicious recipes are all designed to be made in one single pan. No muss, no fuss – just a cast iron skillet or nonstick pan is all you need to be off and running.

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Life’s Too Short to Cook All Day

With a busy family life full of school activities, sports practices, career commitments and social events, who’s got time to cook big fancy meals? It’s wonderful to take the time necessary to prepare a very special meal. Thanksgiving comes to mind, where the art of cooking can take hours and hours. But everyday? Most of us are looking for quick, healthy and delicious.

That’s the premise of this book. Easy-to-make, non-intimidating recipes that pretty much anyone can make in their kitchen at home. No culinary expertise required. I don’t include weird ingredients you have to search ten stores to find. There are no fancy equipment needs—just the one nonstick or cast-iron pan.

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Why One-Pan Cooking for Men?

Several people have asked me why this book is written for men. Well it is, and it’s not. My male friends seem to be more intimidated about cooking in general, and unsure of their skills in the kitchen. They often were not taught to cook and never really paid it that much attention. Someone else usually cooked meals for them, and they fared okay the rest of the time with take-out and restaurant food.

This “cookbook for men” was written for people of any gender, meant to eliminate the barriers to cooking and show everyone it can be easy. And daresay fun! Women included of course.

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Great Gift for the Holidays and Beyond

There are so many people I have in mind for this cookbook. One-Pan Cooking for Men can be a great holiday gift idea for husbands we wish would cook more. My cookbook can be for sons who have recently moved away from home for college or their first apartment. I know many women who have bought it for themselves and others, simply because it is full of great recipes they want to try.

At a price of $14.95, you can order the book on Amazon and not feel like you’ve broken your piggy bank. After all, the whole idea behind my new cookbook One-Pan Cooking for Men is to be accessible to anyone.

Sample Recipe from One-Pan Cooking for Men

If you’d like to try out a recipe or two from the book while you are waiting for your copy to arrive, try these!

Mom’s Italian Meatball Recipe is one of our family favs.

Easy Lemon Rosemary Chicken Recipe

Bourbon Pineapple Upside Down Cake 



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    2 thoughts on “Just Launched My New Cookbook – One-Pan Cooking for Men!

    1. Hey man enjoying the recipes but I do have one complaint with it. The meatloaf recipe needs to be updated. 350 for 45 minutes and my meat loaf is still raw had to bump up the temperature at cook it for another additional 20 minutes until it was ready.
      Thank you

      1. Thanks for letting me know this, Ben. I can’t change the printed book at this point, but can absolutely let others know it may need more cooking time!

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