July is National Hot Dog Month (and We're Excited!)
chili dog with black bean chili and Mexican cheese with fries

July is National Hot Dog Month (and We’re Excited!)

This post about National Hot Dog Month is sponsored by Perdue Farms, where I am a brand ambassador – the thoughts expressed here are my own. I may be compensated through sales associated with my affiliate links.

Hot dogs are about as All American as you can get, and this seems like the perfect time to celebrate them. July is National Hot Dog Month and July 22 is National Hot Dog Day! Truth be told, our family enjoys hot dogs all year around. In fact, hot dogs are one of the few dishes that Triton can actually cook – and we love him for it!

Seriously though, not just any hot dog will do. For a celebration as important as National Hot Dog Month in July, we need to start with the best tasting hot dogs. That’s why we head straight to Niman Ranch for their Pork & Beef Fearless Uncured Franks. The flavor of each hot dog in the package is consistently perfect, and they plump up to a nice size when cooked.

chili dog and fries served picnic style with colorful plaid tablecloth and iced tea
Summer calls for hot dogs enjoyed outside, picnic-style.

Special Niman Ranch Hot Dog Bundle

Right now on the Perdue Farms website, you can order their special Niman Ranch Pork & Beef Franks Value Bundle for just $29.99! (Limit one per order while in stock).

Niman Ranch Pork & Beef Fearless Uncured Franks package
Call them franks, wieners or hot dogs – the ones from Niman Ranch are the best!

What would you do with a whole mess of hot dogs? Well they freeze really well for one thing, and we’ve got two packages in our freezer right now along with some buns. We just never know when we’ll have a hankering, especially during National Hot Dog Month.

The thing is, hot dogs can be enjoyed a variety of ways that are super easy to make at home. My personal favorites are chili dogs, whether the chili is homemade or from a can. It’s only fitting that July 30 is National Chili Dog Day then! Guess I know what we’ll be having for dinner on THAT day, and I can’t wait!

man grilling hot dogs on patio BBQ
Grilling season is also hot dog season!

Ways to Enjoy National Hot Dog Month

With so many flavorful options, enjoying hot dogs during National Hot Dog Month in July will be a pleasure.

Since it’s also National Grilling Month, we will definitely be cooking up some wieners on the BBQ outside. They’re delicious with just mustard and onions on a soft bun. OK, I guess if you have to add ketchup and relish you can do that too.

girl taking huge bite from hot dog at the dinner table
Everybody in our family loves a good chili dog!

Since July 13 is National Beans ‘N’ Franks Day, we’ll cook up a batch of baked beans with cut up hot dogs cooked in them. Just like when the kids were little and we fed them this dish for lunch, I’m sure it will disappear quickly.

Corn Dogs are another summer favorite and always remind us of the county fair. They are way easier to make at home than you think. The batter is basically corn bread, and the trick is in the frying. With a crispy crust on the outside and barely cooked corn bread on the inside, a bite of this hot dog is heaven on a stick. Roll in mustard and you are good to go!

hot dog in Croatia at Christmas Market
Hot dogs can be served up with a variety of toppings – the sky’s the limit.

Hot Dogs are the Food of American Summer

We like supporting American companies, and Perdue Farms and Niman Ranch are based here and all their operations happen here in the US. This is a perfect pairing with National Hot Dog Month, since hot dogs are All American as well.

Order your special Niman Ranch Pork & Beef Franks Value Bundle now and they’ll be shipped right to your door. Your hot dogs will arrive in plenty of time for this month of hot dog festivities. These bundles are just $29.99! (Limit one per order while in stock).

chili dog with black bean chili and Mexican cheese with fries
Spice up your chili dog by using black bean chili, hot sauce and Mexican cheese topped with chopped onions and jalapeños.

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