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man cleans wood floors using Infuse Cleaning System mop

Infuse Cleaning Products Make Cleaning Cleaner

Tracking PixelThis blog post is sponsored by Infuse, and the views expressed here are our own.

We’re always looking for ways to use cleaning products in our home that aren’t harmful to people, pets or the planet. In our effort to keep our house both clean and free of unnecessary chemicals, we learned about Infuse. Gotta say, our whole family is loving Infuse cleaning products for all areas of our house – and our dogs are too!

There are so many cleaning supplies on the market with chemical ingredients that are confusing and potentially bad for us. When I read the label on some of those packages, I can just feel my protective radar going into overdrive. I absolutely do not want to bring harsh chemicals into our home, and some of those products out there are downright toxic.

Infuse Cleaning System products displayed outdoors on fresh green lawn


What attracted me to Infuse is their commitment to “a cleaner way to clean™”. Infuse’s SaferShine™ formulas are non-toxic, biodegradable, and certified cruelty-free. They are free from carcinogens, phlthalates, parabens, BPA, endocrine disruptors, butyl, ammonia, chlorine, formaldehyde, bleach and a bunch more.  Just reading that list makes me feel more confident in using Infuse products around my family and pets.

Not only that, but the entirety of Infuse’s design and engineering is focused on sustainability and reducing single-use plastics. We’re a household that works very hard to reduce and reuse whenever possible so this product fits our family philosophies nicely. No toss-away plastic bottles in this product line! Infuse spray bottles are reusable and refillable, and the Microfiber Mop Pads are reusable as well. Infuse cleaning concentrates come with replaceable cartridges you can just slip into place, remove when empty, and then replace as needed. Less junk in the landfills, and less expense in purchasing replacements. One reusable microfiber mop pad replaces the need to purchase costly disposable mop pads. Refillable spray bottles reduce unnecessary waste and the need to purchase replacements as well.

man loads cleaning solution cartridge into Infuse Cleaning System spray bottle

But just as important, Infuse works at cleaning even the toughest of pet messes. And wow! do we need that help sometimes thanks to our dogs, George and Alice. Thank goodness Infuse offers both spray bottles and two varieties (Multi-Surface and Hardwood) of spray mops to tackle cleaning jobs big and small.

We can get them at any Target store – see the promo code at the bottom of this post for savings!

Tough on Messes

We are an active household. Two teen girls running here and there, and those in our close circle traipsing through the house and up and down the stairs. Two adults working from home. And two dogs who are thrilled/bewildered that we are all home SO MUCH. That’s a lot of people making messes all over the house.

Infuse cleaning concentrates are designed to work hard. We’ve tried several non-toxic cleaning products before, and they have worked to varying degrees. Particularly when it comes to pet messes, somehow the promise has always been more than the reality. The Infuse SaferShine™ formula ensures a squeaky-clean outcome, and cleans floors, glass and other surfaces well. Believe me, I tested it everywhere and it does the job.

man cleans glass shower door with Infuse Cleaning System spray bottle and cloth

Plus Infuse products smell pretty darn good too. Scents include lemongrass, lavender lemon, eucalyptus and more. George and Alice don’t mind these scents since they are non-toxic. We feel the same.

Get this:

  • Infuse refillable spray bottles are designed to deliver over 40,000 sprays
  • 1 truck of Infuse concentrates replaces 30 truckloads of traditional 32-ounce cleaning liquids
  • Infuse reusable Microfiber Mop Pads can be washed 100 times

A Convenient System for Cleaning

One of the things I love about Infuse is their thoughtfulness about the cleaning process. They actually made me smile about cleaning (which has happened probably never). The packaging is great, and the system they have set up for managing all the supplies is even better.

Infuse Cleaning System caddy on kitchen counter with golden granite countertop

Let’s start with the storage caddy, which I like to refer to as a caddy. It holds the spray bottles ready to roll, as well as other cleaning supplies from Infuse.

Infuse’s Microfiber Cloths are specially designed for multiple uses and washings, and they store nicely in the cleaning caddy.

And the Infuse spray mop is a thing of beauty. With its own SmartFill™ bottle attached, the mop has a reservoir of sprays ready when you need them. Plus, the microfiber mop pad is reusable too.

Getting Infuse for your Home

Infuse products are available at Target – use my promo code 2dadswithbaggage20 to get 20% off your starter kit now! Expires November 1st, 2020.

This blog post is sponsored by Infuse, and the views expressed here are our own.

Man loading cleaning solution cartridge into Infuse Cleaning System spray bottle

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