talking to kids about Orlando shootings and their feelings

How Do I Tell Them About This?

As I sit here, stunned and pondering what just happened with the hateful shootings in Orlando and a world where someone could act with such hate, I can’t help but think about my kids. I think about the world they are growing up in – a world where mass shootings are an actual thing. A REGULAR THING. And it just keeps on happening.

How do I tell them about this?

How do I tell them one twisted and deranged man could hate the LGBT community so much it would drive him to gun down 50 innocent people?

How do I tell them about domestic terrorists among us, and people who would pledge their own lives to the taking of others?

How do I tell them little school kids are not safe from being murdered by a crazy loner, armed to the teeth with guns he should never possess?

How do I tell them that when we go to the movies, I look for the nearest exits and think about how I would shield them from some lunatic by hiding under the seats?

How do I tell them, as we prepare to celebrate 8th grade graduation and entering high school in the Fall, that things like this have happened in high schools and college campuses across the country?

How do I tell them they are growing up in an increasingly violent world, and that our elected officials won’t take the legal action needed to protect them?

How do I tell them about hate? About loss of innocence? About ignorance and stupidity and maniacal devotion? About the devastating power of fear?

How do I tell them about this?

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