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Hilton Omaha exterior with bridge

Hotel Review: Hilton Omaha a Great Downtown Option

*Our stay was graciously hosted in part by the Hilton Omaha, and the opinions expressed here are our own as always.

On a recent business trip to Omaha, Nebraska, I was booked into the Hilton Omaha sight unseen. I didn’t think much about the hotel until my flight landed. Unusual for me, I had not even researched it online in advance. After you’ve seen the inside of as many hotels as I have, you think you know what to expect. Well, it was a pleasant surprise to find the Hilton Omaha a great downtown option in the middle of it all.

Hilton Omaha exterior full length
The Hilton Omaha is new, modern and comfortable – with a connection to Omaha’s convention center via skybridge.

Traveling to Omaha on a direct flight from San Diego could not have been easier, and in true Midwest comfort the airport is less than 10 minutes from downtown. I was in town for a series of immersion meetings at Omaha Steaks, where I am now a proud Omaha Steaks Brand Ambassador.

Hilton Omaha a Great Downtown Option

Omaha is a surprisingly large city, with a sprawling downtown that includes many interesting sights. In fact, Omaha is in somewhat of a renaissance and getting a lot of national buzz for its progressive approach to free time. The Hilton is in an ideal location, connected to the CenturyLink Center Omaha Convention Center via an enclosed sky bridge. Many of the city’s coolest downtown destinations are all within walking distance, making the Hilton Omaha a great downtown option.

Jun Kaneho art installation Hilton Omaha
Outside the Hilton Omaha entrance, this new art installation was commissioned specifically for the hotel with Jun Kaneko.

So Much, So Close

I really liked staying at the Hilton Omaha because so much of what I wanted to see and do was right at my doorstep. Within walking distance are some of Omaha’s favorites:

seating areas Hilton Omaha hotel lobby
See? The design aesthetic and open decor in the Hilton Omaha lobby make it a very inviting space.

Wide Open Lobby

One of my favorite things about this hotel is the lobby design. Not only is it well done, but there actually are plenty of places to sit. At one point I wanted to have a private conversation, and there are chairs tucked away in corners for this very purpose. When our group was meeting up in the lobby to start our day, there were several other places for us to gather comfortably. It’s really quite large, and never seemed too crowded. Oh, and there’s a Starbucks in the lobby which made everyone very, very happy.

Hilton Omaha registration desk
Big open lobby spaces help the Hilton Omaha welcome guests.

Comfortable Rooms with Great Views

Sometimes when I stay in a branded hotel, my room seems straight from a cookie cutter. I could almost walk blindfolded from the desk to the bed to the bathroom, the layout is so predictable. At the Hilton Omaha, our rooms were on the Executive Floor (hey that Hilton Honors program pays off sometimes!). Being on the eighth floor of the building – which is its highest – allowed me some pretty great views of the downtown area and lights at night. My room was super comfortable, with a king bed and soft sheets along with a nice sitting area and loads of extra floor space.

My room at the Hilton Omaha was spacious and clean. It even came complete with a gift bag from Omaha Steaks!

Decent Fitness Center

Crappy hotel gyms drive me crazy! If I am going to be away from my beloved Point Loma Sports Club, I pack my shoes and shorts so I can work out on the road. Luckily, the Hilton Omaha’s Fitness Center is way better than average. By regular hotel gym standards, it’s gigantic. Free weights, equipment and many cardio machines make this a good place for a workout.

Friendly Staff

I can’t really say much about the dining options at the Hilton Omaha, since our meals were handled in partnership with Omaha Steaks. The breakfast buffet did seem extensive, and the restaurant and bar areas were clean and well appointed. But what made it so great was the staff, which were the kind of people you want to invite to sit with you for some coffee and a chat.

Liberty Tavern Restaurant at Hilton Omaha
The Liberty Tavern Restaurant at the Hilton Omaha is brightly lit by big windows and colorful decor.

As I have found throughout Omaha, the team at the Hilton was so wonderfully friendly. In fact, I would like to invite the good people of Omaha to California to conduct lessons on how to treat people. The entire West Coast could use a little of this Midwest mindset.

Bottom line: When in Omaha, the Omaha Hilton is a great downtown option. I highly recommend it.

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