Hitting the Road After the Lockdown Lifts - 2 Dads with Baggage
family trying to fit massive pool floaties into car trunk

Hitting the Road After the Lockdown Lifts

This blog post is written in partnership with Kelley Blue Book, and all thoughts
expressed here about our first road trip after the lockdown lifts are our own as always.

Let’s face it – we’ve all been stuck at home fulfilling our civic duty to be safe and keep
ourselves and our community healthy. (And maybe going a little nutty staring at our
same four walls every day.) This comes along with some pretty serious travel
withdrawals, and we are dreaming of hitting the road on our first road trip after the
lockdown lifts.

It’s widely believed that road trips will be the first getaways traveled once it’s safe again.
People may not be ready to jump on a plane and worry about germs spreading. In our
own car, we can control the environment and not pick up any unknown pathogens. In
fact, I can disinfect our cars to my heart’s content and know I’ve wrapped my family in
an invisible bubble of protection.

The other night at dinner, our family voicing our dreams about where we would go on our first
road trip after the lockdown orders lift. We went around the table, each of us voicing our dream

Hand down, the vote was unanimous: Palm Springs.

Palm Springs golf course greens with mountains in the background
There is something magic about the green desert surrounded by mountains in Palm Springs.

First Road Trip Post-COVID

We’re a traveling family. I mean, half our blog is devoted to our family’s travels around the globe and our adventures near and far. We had four trips planned during this lockdown that all were postponed – Santa Cruz, New Orleans, Florida and New York City were all planned and scheduled. All required an airplane ride to get there, and right now we’re just not ready to travel that far.

A road trip is the perfect solution. When we are cleared to roam that is the first thing we will do: hit the road. Our first road trip post-COVID will be to our beloved Palm Springs.

Desert sand dunes with palm trees and blue sky in Palm Springs, CA
The desert sand dunes in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Road Trip

Why are we choosing Palm Springs as our first road trip after the lockdown lifts? There are a number of reasons, but mostly because we love it there. We’ve been road tripping to the Palm Springs area since our kids were babies. No joke, we must have visited this area at least 30 times together. That doesn’t even count the number of times we have been there before the kids were born!

Smiling grey haired man floating in colorful rainbow pool toy
Palm Springs is our happy place.

There’s just something magic about the way the mountains meet the desert there. In the mornings and evenings, the mountains take on a purple hue. Against the blue sky, the occasional white puffy cloud, the sand colored desert and the green palm trees, those mountains are the perfect backdrop.

The heat is another thing we love, and the Greater Palm Springs area delivers that too. We love the hot sunny days, laying poolside with a nice sippy drink.

Mexican fan palms wave in the breeze near Palm Springs, CA
The palm trees sway in gentle desert breezes of Palm Springs

Road Tripping With Family

We love to visit Palm Springs with our close family – Triton’s brother, his wife and their kids. It’s always a pleasure to spend time together, so comfortable and easy. We play cards, eat, swim in the pool, eat some more, watch a movie, lay in the sun, read trashy magazines, make cocktails, cook some food and eat it, etc. I guess we like to eat.

Through these stay-at-home orders, we’ve been communicating regularly. Lately we’ve been talking about a getaway together, and Palm Springs seemed like the perfect destination.

So when we can hit the road, we will be meeting family to hang out in Palm Springs for our first road trip after the lockdown lifts.

family plays with giant beach ball in Palm Springs pool
Don’t mind us – we’ll just hang in the pool.

Getting the Car Ready for the Road

As you can imagine, we haven’t been driving around much. In fact, whole days go by when the cars get no action whatsoever. Before we hit the highways and byways on our first road trip after the lockdown lifts, we’re going to make sure the car is in good driving shape.

We’re so glad that Kelley Blue Book created a handy Auto Repair Guide on their website. We’ve used Kelley Blue Book a bunch of times to help us get values on cars, and they have been a trustworthy resource for more than 90 years. They are also a great resource for a ton of information about autos of all kinds. This Kelley Blue Book Auto Repair Guide is a great way to gauge pricing on repair with its’ Fair Repair Range estimator. It also offers nearby choices for where to have the work done, and even offers the ability to schedule service appointments with local dealerships directly from kbb.com.

colorful pool toys float in a swimming pool in Palm Spring, CA
Pool toys always make the swimming pool experience more fun in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Here We Come!

As soon as it’s considered safe to travel and we are cleared, we are hopping in our car and heading out to Palm Springs. It’s a 2.5 hour drive from our house through a combination of packed (normally) freeways, curvy mountain roads and hot-as-Hades stretches of asphalt.

When we are ready to go, our car will be ready too. Thanks to the resources provided by the Kelley Book Auto Repair Guide, we will know our car will get us there safe and sound.

Spring desert flowers bloom on rocky hillside in Palm Springs
The desert in Palm Springs comes alive with flowers in the Spring.

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