hear.com Uses Cutting-Edge Tech to Erase the Stigma of Hearing Loss -
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hear.com Uses Cutting-Edge Tech to Erase the Stigma of Hearing Loss

This post was created in partnership with hear.com to support their efforts to help people with hearing problems, and all views expressed here are our own.

For most of my life, my dad had a hearing problem. He could not determine a singular voice in a crowded room. The noise of restaurants was his worst nightmare as he tried to order or talk with the server. 

It was hard to see my dad withdraw into himself at social events because of his hearing loss. Oftentimes he felt isolated from the action because he just could not participate in the conversation or follow what was being said. It wasn’t a sound volume issue, it was a speech clarity issue. He just couldn’t make out what anyone was saying. He would stand with us, smiling but looking slightly distracted. It made me sad for him that he was missing out.

I’m not sure whether he ever fully investigated hearing aids, or if he was too vain or embarrassed to wear them. However, technology has greatly improved since then. I know, because I’ve recently tested hearing aids from hear.com.

My dad was always smiling, even when he couldn’t hear a word.

Hearing Loss – Dad Was Not Alone

My dad was in the military, so he was exposed to tremendous noise during his service. However, he also had age-related hearing loss just like 48 million other Americans. In fact, it’s the third most chronic health problem in the United States. Unlike other parts of our bodies, many tissues inside our ears associated with hearing do not repair themselves. Once destroyed, they are gone forever. 

Through my research, I discovered there’s still a stigma associated with wearing hearing aids. Some think hearing aids will make them seem weak. Or old. Or they think the devices themselves will be an eyesore. This is an outdated concept, as you’ll read below. I do think some men like myself are embarrassed to admit they might have any weakness. In fact, I have written about this male phenomenon before. Guys have a hard time admitting we need help – particularly concerning medical conditions. We’re brainwashed into thinking we should “tough it out.”

But you can’t really “tough out” hearing loss. It doesn’t get better without help.

hear.com Offers Cutting Edge Technology

In today’s world, people with hearing loss have access to modern solutions from hearing care companies like hear.com. Hearing aids have come a long way in design and technology. They now offer tiny, nearly invisible designs that feature Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity, wireless recharging, and an insane level of speech clarity thanks to super speedy technology chips that have powered rocket ships. But surprisingly enough, only 22% of the people that could benefit from hearing aids have ever actually tried them because of these outdated perceptions. Crazy, right!?

I got to experience first-hand the tremendous advances in technology that hear.com offers. In the privacy of my own home through video chat, I had my hearing tested by one of their licensed hearing care professionals. Wearing hear.com’s new horizon hearing aids, my hearing professional walked me through the virtual hearing test appointment by using tones emitted through the devices and then adjusted them on the spot, based on my needs. 

hear.com offers live remote hearing tests using cutting edge technological advancements in hearing aids
My hearing was checked via a live remote session from hear.com

Hear.com’s horizon Hearing Aids

Let me tell you, my horizon hearing aids were awesome. These hearing aids are small and comfortable – hardly detectable because of the advanced technology used in their design and construction. They look NOTHING like the huge ugly hearing aids of the past. In fact, no one would even know a person was wearing them because they’re so slim. 

They also contain Bluetooth technology, which allows the wearer to connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices including smartphones, Amazon Alexa, Peloton exercise equipment and more. You can stream calls, music, TV, podcasts and more right into these hearing aids. This is so cutting-edge cool to have all that connectivity right in your ears without fumbling for headphones or AirPods. 

The hearing aids I tested from hear.com are cutting edge tech.

It was also really cool to try out the hearing aids and have little sounds amplified. I was able to pick out specific sounds I don’t normally hear. I could hear the leaves on trees in the canyon blowing in the wind. Birds singing in our backyard sounded right next to me. What a great experience to have my own hearing tuned so clearly. I felt like the Bionic Man!

But what do I love the most? The Speech Focus feature lets the wearer bump up the speech clarity in more difficult situations. My dad would have loved this feature at those noisy restaurants. 

Custom Hearing Aids Just for You

Once your hearing aids are fitted and programmed to assist your specific hearing issues, you are good to go! The beauty of the hear.com model is that the company provides cutting-edge hearing tech and support that is customized to each individual. One size doesn’t fit all. 

For more information about hear.com and their technological advancements, visit their website and sign up for your own 45-day no-risk trial.

hearing device in palm of man's hand
Hearing devices from hear.com can come as tiny as this unit.
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