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Qué Coqueta! (or: Your Daughter is a Tramp)

(Reblogged from 2008) Qué Coqueta! That’s Spanish for “Your daughter is a tramp”. Okay, maybe the literal translation is more like “What a flirt!” but you have have seen the look on our Mexican nanny’s face when she said it. It had ho-bag written all over it.

You see, Ava likes her dress-up. A lot. And she has the special pair of shoes that are a particular favorite. They are clear plastic glass slippers with a 3-inch kitten heel, a la Cinderella with an attitude. I have no idea where they came from. They probably arrived at our house as a birthday present innocently enough, in a Little-Miss-Dress-Up Play Set from Ronco or something like that.

Princess Ava

But oh, how Ava LOVES these shoes. She calls them her HighHeelGlassSlippers (all one word). The minute she gets home from school, off come the cute pink sandals or the polka dot Chucks, and on go the Little Miss CFM pumps. I swear, she would wear those damn things to bed if we let her.

So when I got home from work last night and walked in the door to greet my family, I hear the click-clack clickety-clack of Ava running towards me on the hard wood floors, and I know. I know the HighHeelGlassSlippers are making their evening appearance. Sure enough, she rounds the corner in full princess drag.

That’s when our nanny dropped the bomb. “Qué coqueta!” she said. “Ella tendrá muchos novios.” She will have many boyfriends.

Nice. Just what a dad wants to hear.

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