National Hug Your Dog Day is April 10 and Here Are 6 Gifts for Dogs to Spoil Your Pet -
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National Hug Your Dog Day is April 10 and Here Are 6 Gifts for Dogs to Spoil Your Pet

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We love our dogs George and Alice all year around. Believe me, they get plenty of attention from all the members of our family. Still, with National Hug Your Dog Day coming on April 10, our pups are sure to get some extra love. Here are some great ways to spoil your pet with gifts for dogs both the canines and humans will enjoy.

two small fluffy dogs sit and look at camera
Our dogs are pretty well behaved, especially when treats are involved.

6 Great Gifts for Dogs to Spoil Them with Love

These items have all passed the sniff test from George and Alice, so we know they are going to be hits with your dogs as well. Check out our list of great gifts for dogs that will spoil them with your love.

  1. Fruitables Dog Treats

Fruitables Dog Treats are delicious and healthy dog treats made from fruits and vegetables packed with nutrient-rich benefits and low in calories. According to our pups, they taste great too! They love Fruitables Biggies Almond Butter & Coconut with big crunch and big taste from real almond butter and coconut. Another favorite was Fruitables pb n’ joy Peanut Butter & Banana treats with an all-natural, chewy texture any dog would love. (Ours gobbled these treats up quickly and then looked at me with those eyes, begging for more and willing to be so obedient to get it!)

two dogs pose on orange outdoor chairs with bags of dog treats from fruitables
George and Alice cannot WAIT to try these new fruitables dog treats.
  1. Aromadog Calming Toys from Multipet

These fleece Aromadog Calm Mini Fleece Full Body Bear and Calming 10” Fleece Full Body Flattie are intended to help soothe dogs in stressful situations. The tech behind these toys is designed to release a calming blend of essential oils. These gifts for dogs provide comfort for nervous dogs. Intended to keep dogs calm, relaxed and happy, these toys work great for separation anxiety, loud noises and more. We tested them with George and Alice when strangers were working outside on the street. The toys worked well to relax them when they would normally be freaking. Get yours at

fluffy small yellow dog looks at camera with stuffed toys at her feet
Alice is calmer already with these anxiety-soothing toys.
  1. Vet’s Best Products for Dog Health

Nothing shows your dog how much you love them more than helping keep them healthy and ease any pain or anguish. Vet’s Best Products are a combination of veterinary science and natural, plant-based ingredients to provide both effectiveness and safety for your dog. Their Ear Relief Wash and Dry Ear Cleaner Kit can clean and soothe raw, itchy and smelly dog ears that might result from dog ear infection. Vet’s Best Advanced Hip & Joint tablets help maintain normal healthy cartilage, connective tissue and joint mobility in cases of dog arthritis and other ailments.

Vet’s Best products combine veterinary medicine with natural ingredients.
  1. Oratene Enzymatic Brushless Oral Care

Boy, do George and Alice need these Oratene Enzymatic Brushless Oral Care products. Their breath is so stanky and they need dog dental care! These veterinarian-approved products use the power of enzymes to keep our dogs’ teeth clean, breath fresh and gums healthy. We used the Drinking Water Additive to help wash over their mouths with every lap of water. The Toothpaste Gel does not require a brush, and we just applied a strip to their gums with a finger. We also sprayed the inside of their mouths with Breath Freshening Spray and it proved to be a great dog bad breath remedy. Ok maybe these aren’t necessarily gifts for dogs. But we are all a lot happier with these products in our lives. Use discount code Oratenepet to save 10% at Valid 2/1/21 – 3/7/21.

Two small fluffy dogs pose with Oratene dog dental care products
We’re looking forward to the success of our new Oratene products.
  1. Doggos Doing Things – Hilarious Book

This book is filled with 150 photos of the cutest pups ever, in all shapes and sizes. Hilarious captions accompany the photos, with descriptions of what the dogs are up to (or what they might be thinking). If only our dogs could talk to us, I’m sure they would say some of the ridiculously funny things that the Doggos Doing Things book includes. A great gift for dog parents everywhere from the people behind favorite Instagram site @doggosdoingthings.

smiling man reading Doggos Doing Things book
Doggos Doing Things is a book full of wonderful dogs caught in unique situations.

     6. iDig from iFetch

This digging toy has kept George and Alice busy since we took it out of the box! iDig is a great way to engage and entertain your dog while providing mental and physical stimulation. Three flaps overlap to bury the “treasure” (we used doggie treats) inside, requiring the dogs to dig for it like there’s no tomorrow. They can smell their prizes, but they have to really work to get at them and it totally tires them out. We love how this toy provides a positive outlet for dogs’ innate desire to dig without us worrying about the carpets or furniture. No wonder iDig was named Best New Dog Product at the 2018 SuperZoo pet trade show! Use offer code BABBLEFEB for 15% off an iDig digging toy (either the iDig Stay or the iDig Go) at

two dogs play with iDig by iFetch
The iDig by iFetch

















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