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teen girls at mall with Happy Teen gift cards

Gifting With Easy-To-Use Happy Cards, Everybody Wins!

*This post was sponsored by Happy Cards, and the opinions expressed here are our own as always.

A darn good idea, these Happy Cards. By bundling like brands together on one gift card, Happy Cards create gifting opportunities for people like us that don’t quite know what to get someone. The Happy Cards line of curated gift cards feature multiple brands, and are perfect for gifting on special occasions to specific recipients, such as women, men, kids, teens and foodies. Simply put, Happy Cards make great gifts for the entire family.

Happy Teen gift cards, Sephora, Regal Cinemas, Barnes& Noble, American Eagle, Jamba Juice, Dave & Buster's and Nike.
Happy Teen gift cards can be preloaded with a variety of gift amounts ranging from $20 to $500.

We love the idea of Happy Cards, because we can send a gift to someone knowing they will use the card at places they enjoy. No more random gifts from Aunt Sally that you will toss as soon as she leaves the house. In our case, our lucky teen daughters were the guinea pigs and the Happy Teen Cards concept was a huge success in our family. 


         Official Rules

Ava and Sophia were excited to each try out the Happy Teen cards, with options to spend a preloaded dollar amount at American Eagle Outfitters, Barnes & Noble, Dave & Buster’s, Jamba Juice, Regal Cinemas and Sephora. Knowing our daughters, we predicted they would want to make a bee-line for American Eagle Outfitters and Sephora immediately. And we were right.

Happy Teen gift card at Sephora
Ava checks out the glam at Sephora as she shops with her Happy Teen gift card.

Happy Cards Make Great Gifts for Everyone

Other cards in the Happy Cards line are targeted to audiences with brands that fit them best, such as:

  • Happy Lady: Bed Bath & Beyond, The Cheesecake Factory, Sephora, Spafinder and more
  • Happy Kid: buybuy BABY, Gymboree, Jamba Juice, Regal Cinemas and more
  • Happy Teen: American Eagle Outfitters, Barnes & Noble, Dave & Buster’s, Jamba Juice, Regal Cinemas and Sephora
  • Happy Guy: AutoZone, Buffalo Wild Wings, Burger King, Dell and more
  • Happy Eats: Buffalo Wild Wings, Dave & Buster’s and more
  • Happy Bites: Burger King, Jamba Juice, Peet’s Coffee and more
  • Happy Dining: The Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster, Texas de Brazil and more
American Eagle and Happy Teen gift card
Score! A new pair of jeans and a top from American Eagle are added to Sophia’s closet, courtesy of the Happy Teen gift card.

Easy to Use

Just like any debit or gift card can be used at the register, the Happy Cards can be used at point of purchase via the card reader or manually entered by the sales associate. At both Sephora and American Eagle Outfitters, the girls just slid the card through the check-out unit. The purchase amount was automatically deducted from the card’s total, leaving a balance left on the the card for future purchases.

Happy Teen gift card at American Eagle Outfitters
The Happy Teen gift card came in handy for Sophia as she shopped at American Eagle Outfitters.

Sephora Wins the Prize

Sophia spent some of her card first at American Eagle Outfitters, and then the rest at Sephora. Ava chose to go all in on Sephora, and both girls had tons of fun on their shopping sprees. They got to pick out what they wanted without the hassle of returning an unwanted gift.

Sephora bag, beauty products and Happy Teen gift card
Some of the loot from the girls’ epic Sephora raid, using their Happy Teen cards to stock their makeup drawers.

Sophia ended up with a pair of jeans and a top from American Eagle, and some makeup from Sephora. Ava spent her Happy Teen card on all sorts of makeup things at Sephora. We waited patiently nearby, completely out of our element. There is NO WAY either dad could have known what to buy these teen girls at either store. These cards are a real lifesaver!


Courtesy of 2DadsWithBaggage, enter to win a Happy Teen card by Thursday, November 1, 2018. One winner will receive a $50 Gift Card.

Happy Cards make great gifts, and are available at gift card kiosks in Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons and other locations nationwide. They are also available for purchase online at or

teen girls at mall with Happy Teen gift cards
And they’re off and running! Sophia and Ava are ready for their shopping spree with Happy Teen gift cards. Ready. Set. Shop!

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34 thoughts on “Gifting With Easy-To-Use Happy Cards, Everybody Wins!

  1. These are neat. I’ve never heard of them before. I like that the giftee gets a couple of choices and not just one like regular gift cards

  2. What a great idea. This is the first I’ve heard of these cards but it’s a great idea especially during the holiday season but also anytime.

  3. This is the first time hearing about these gift cards that offer multiple options of stores. I will give these cards for Christmas gifts this year.

  4. This is the first time I’ve heard about the Happy Card. It’s definitely a card that I would both love to receive and use and that I would purchase and give as a gift. I especially like the Happy Lady, Happy Guy and Happy Dinning and Happy Eats cards. These would make great Christmas Gifts. I’m already thinking about the people on my list who would love a Happy Card. Next time I go to Safeway I’m going to check the kiosk to see if the Happy Cards are available. Thank you for sharing about this and thank you for this fantastic giveaway!

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