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Genomind Helps Genetically Map Mental Health and Wellness

This post was sponsored by Carusele on behalf of Genomind® and all of the views expressed here are our own.

We recently learned about a new company called Genomind® and were very intrigued. Genomind uses genetic testing to help people identify how their genetics may affect mental wellness  issues. We agree that if we know more about ourselves, we can create ways to manage and improve, right? Genomind has come up with a fascinating program called the Genomind® Mental Health Map™, and we recently gave it a try with great success.

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As you know, our daughters are adopted. We did have a chance to meet each of their birthmothers before our babies were born. This was an amazing and emotional experience for everyone involved. Getting to know these selfless women was so special, and we learned a bit about them and their families as we went through the process of pregnancy, birth and adoption.

Even so, we did not get information of any depth on their genetic heritage. Other DNA testing companies may give us a glimpse into potential risk  for medical conditions. But only Genomind provides deep information about genetic mechanisms  indicating mental wellness predispositions.

This information is really valuable for all of us, adopted or not. And as parents, having this level of insight gives us ways to help our kids by providing  tools to manage trigger situations.

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Is it Just Teen Angst?

With two teen girls in the house, we’ve had our share of drama. We have hyper-excited moments of extreme energy about a certain event or circumstance. We also have instances of deep embarrassment or perceived rejection and more. Sometimes it seems like we are on an emotional rollercoaster, never knowing for sure where we stand at any given moment. And worse yet, we don’t always know what skills to teach our kids to manage these life experiences for themselves.

Such is the life of teens and their parents, but what if there is something deeper we could have insight into? Few of us truly know how our genetics can affect our moods, behaviors and actions – let alone our teenage children.

Learning more about what triggers our teens can be eye-opening. As we work to be good parents, the results from the Genomind Mental Health Map let us see areas where we can help.

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Genomind Testing Process

When our Genomind Mental Health Kit arrived at our house, we learned about their unique process. Using DNA samples, the company can plot a person’s genetic predispositions  across mental various wellness  categories on the Genomind Mental Health Map.

This is science at its best. Genomind was created by a psychiatrist named Ronald I. Dozoretz, MD eleven years ago to help people better understand themselves. His premise is that if we can better understand the roles that our genetics play in our mental health, we can improve our outcomes when dealing with our issues.

DNA samples on swabs are sent to Genomind for analysis

A Simple Process for DNA Sampling

The process is simple. I asked one of our teens to swab the inside of her cheek to send the samples into the Genomind lab for testing. The company tests every sample twice for accuracy and keeps your personal information secure through a triple-safeguard protocol.

In three business days, I got an email with a code to unlock our results. It’s a super easy way to gather some amazing insights about your teen. With this information, I can parent better because I know more about my kid’s genetic make-up.

Genomind identified 7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities ™

In order to understand the results, Genomind has helped by organizing the data into a guide called the 7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities™. Using this guide, a person can drill down into understanding their own Traits, Mechanisms and Predispositions – or in this case, our teen’s.

Graphic depiction of Genomind Mental Health Map 7 Characteristics

The seven capabilities identified are:

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Mood
  • Focus and Memory
  • Habits and Substance Use
  • Sleep
  • Social Behavior
  • Eating Behavior

Each trait has a series of mechanisms determined by our individual gene codes. These are proteins, enzymes and other triggers that cause the brain and nervous system to react in certain ways.

Each also has a set of predispositions associated with it, which are reactions and behaviors that might be influenced by  our genetic codes.

For example, I might have a genetic predisposition  for Social Behavior that indicates traits for Self-Perception and Need for Social Connection. The mechanisms that affect this for me might be Stress Hormone Regulation, Brain Chemical Balance or several other things. These might cause me to have predispositions for Performance Anxiety, Decreased Self Esteem, Introversion and more.

Interpreting the Test Results

When the test results came back, we received an email helping us to learn about viewing the confidential results. After logging on to the site, I was able to review my teen’s 7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities. Digging in, I learned areas where we can assist our kid when they might need us most.

Man viewing test results from Genomind

We were also prompted to schedule a 30-minute call with a Genomind BrainTrust™ Advisor. This call turned out to be the best and most valuable part of this entire package. During my call, my Advisor helped me to interpret the results and understand how to balance the findings. He helped me navigate through the in-depth report to find proven ways parents can help their kids.

The 7 Core Genetic Mental Health Capabilities report is very deep, and within a few clicks I was learning new practical ways to help my teen manage situations that might challenge them. The insights and actions are based on your genetic results, and might be as simple as getting consistent cardio exercise, or eating more foods with particular nutrients. That’s not to say that the test results just tell you to ‘exercise more and eat better’. Rather, the results allow us to hone in on several specific things we can do to sustain and improve our mental wellness based on our individual genetic makeup. It’s actually really fascinating how many things intertwine to produce a balanced mental health landscape!

Understanding Our Teen Better

With all this insight and information about our teen’s genetic mental health markers, we’re feeling better equipped and more confident as parents!  When our kid reacts a certain way to a situation, we now have a more informed point of view. We can react accordingly, provide good advice and direction, and help our teen form the habits and skills to cope with their feelings and emotions.

I’ll tell you this – it would have been so great for my parents to have had this kind of insight into my mental health when I was a teen. It would have saved so much time for us all, and our relationship would have improved much more quickly!

I’m really glad we did this.

Genomind is available at website and Amazon.


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