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I’m the Mommy and the Daddy

Reblogged from 2008 — Not in the literal sense, but Triton and I often feel like we are filling both roles simultaneously – mother and father at once. We shift back and forth between the stereotypical and the completely atypical…many, many times a day. He’s the best, my Triton. He makes it seem effortless as he spend one moment braiding the girls’ hair into beautiful creations that would make the Pennsylvania Dutch proud, and the next minutes he’s playing monster and chasing them through the house with a deep, manly growl.

Our girls have never known it any other way. I remember when Sophia was only two, and she said one night after dinner in a very matter-of-fact tone, “I don’t have a mommy.” And Triton and I said “That’s right honey, you have a daddy and a papi”. And she smiled, nodded her head in agreement, and asked what was for dessert.

Good thing we have a lot of women in our lives for balance, and some as close as family could ever be. One of our most incredible turned out to be no farther than the house right next door – the girls’ honorary Aunt Babs, who has become a very special part of our extended family. Along with a few other VIP women in our lives, our girls have plenty of healthy female role modeling going on.

But still, when one of the girls tells me her vagina hurts and wants me to have a look, I’m feeling pretty motherly at that moment.

And you know what? That feels pretty great.

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