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Fun Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

We love bourbon and it tends to be the liquor of choice at our house. It seems the sweet brown elixir is the distilled spirit of the moment for many, and it comes in a variety of forms. Whether your bourbon originated from Kentucky, or takes the form of American whiskey from Tennessee or other parts, bourbon is uniquely American. So we celebrate this spirit with some uniquely American gifts for bourbon lovers.

Purists have their favorite bourbon distillers. In our house, we drink Woodford Reserve as our higher end bourbon and Bulleit as our everyday. We also love Four Roses, Maker’s Mark, Knob Creek, Elijah Craig and Basil Hayden’s. Regardless, bourbon is whiskey made in the US. Scotch is whiskey made in Scotland, Irish whiskey is, well, you get it.

For those bourbon drinkers in your life, we’ve got a fun list of gifts for bourbon lovers.

gifts for bourbon lovers
A collection of great gifts for bourbon lovers

Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

Funny story before I get into it. My mom was a little slip of a thing, only 5-feet tall on a good day. It didn’t take much to get her drink on, and she usually stuck to wine when she felt like having a little nip. On the rare occasion she wanted a cocktail, it was always bourbon on the rocks. Yup, she liked her bourbon too – maybe that’s where I got my love of the sweet, brown elixir of the gods.

If she were around today, I think she’d be surprised at the current popularity of her favorite hooch. She’d also be pleased to see so many products based in bourbon’s popularity.

Here’s a few of our favorite products that make great gifts for bourbon lovers:

Bourbon Barware

If you are going to enjoy a good bourbon, it should be sipped from a good glass. Well Told Barware makes super cool customized barware with etched maps of cities right on the glass. You can choose pretty much any town or city in the US and Well Told Barware will deliver a rocks glass etched with the map of your chosen spot. This is one of our favorite gifts for bourbon lovers because it’s so personalized!

This customized barware can be ordered for $18 per glass.

Two men enjoy a glass of bourbon neat.
We’ve been known to enjoy a good bourbon drink now and then.

Bourbon-Infused Caramel

Doesn’t that sound good? Handmade Bourbon Caramel by Southern Caramel is a sweet flavor combo of sugar, cream, butter – and bourbon of course. These caramels come individually wrapped, and taste so good with a neat glass of bourbon. Actually, they taste delicious at any time of the day – with or without their namesake spirit alongside.

You can order these caramel gifts for bourbon lovers for $10-$30.

These Bourbon Caramels are soooo good.

Bourbon Coffee

For the bourbon lover that also loves a good cup o’ joe, Don Pablo Coffee makes a special bourbon-infused roast. The coffee beans are soaked in real Kentucky Bourbon and then roasted, which preserves the flavor but not the alcohol. The result is a delicious specialty coffee with those beloved bourbon notes.

A 12-oz bag of bourbon coffee beans can be ordered for $24.99.

Don Pablo Bourbon Infused Coffee beans with cup of brewed coffee
Don Pablo’s Bourbon Infused Coffee is really a great combo.

Car Air Freshener

Now we don’t necessarily want our car smelling like bourbon. (Can you imagine getting pulled over and rolling down your window?) This amazing smelling car air freshener from Drift has all the scents that are complimentary to a nice glass of bourbon. Drift sends you a new scent-infused wood air freshener each month, and each has its own distinctive notes. For example, try Teak, a combo of musk, amber, pepper, teak and cedar. Another great thing about Drift is that the products are free of harsh chemicals and just like more stylish in your car than a pine tree dangling from your rearview mirror.

Send your bourbon lover this gift starting at just $8 for the wood starter kit.

The Drift wood air freshener is great for any car.

More Gifts for Bourbon Lovers?

Well, you can always enroll me (I mean them, them!) in a bourbon tasting club. This way your gift will keep on giving for a length of time.

Or you could make my recipe for Bourbon Pineapple Upside Down Cake, which would pair well with many of the gifts described above.

whole pineapple upside down cake with pineapple rings, pecans, brown sugar caramel and maraschino cherries
Looks so awesome right out of the pan, this Bourbon Pineapple Upside Down Cake is all full of caramel goodness.


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