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Gordon Ramsay Burger is a Vegas Family Hit

The menu at Gordon Ramsey Burger really does offer something for every member of the family, and we gobbled it up. The fun and casual restaurant sports a menu chock full of cheesilicious concoctions.

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Blueberry Ginger Mojitos? Yes Please!

It’s no secret that two dads like a good cocktail now and then, and it’s fun for us to make them at home with friends. This weekend we concocted these delicious Blueberry Ginger Mojitos using fresh summer ingredients from our own garden and the local farm stand, and they were pretty darn good if we […]

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Hot Food in Phoenix

[custom-mapping map_id=”6236″ height=”300″]We had a quick overnight in blazing hot Phoenix on a recent family road trip (click here to read more about our Big Gay Road Trip), and had two meals to die for – dinner at Fat Ox and brunch at The Henry. It’s hard to please the four separate and discerning tastes […]

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12 Secret Eats From San Diego Locals

Planning a trip to San Diego? If your family has a bunch of foodies, then you should know the things to eat in San Diego. Read our blog and know the fun places to eat in San Diego.

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Duck Tongues? Well, OK I Guess…

My good friend Vera, a Chicagoan and expert foodie/chef, took me to dinner at Girl and The Goat last week while I was visiting Chicago. I’ve heard so much about Stephanie Izard and this famous restaurant, and was so grateful that Vera was able to get us a table on short notice. (My girl Vera […]

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Organic Deliciousness at Flora Farm in Cabo

[custom-mapping map_id=”6265″ height=”300″]Farming organically in this same plot for more than 20 years, the ingenious Greene family behind Flora Farm created it as a break away from the rigors of the daily American grind. Now a flourishing 10-acre organic farm, restaurant/bar, cottages and events space, Flora Farm amazed us at every turn. We bumped down […]

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