FabStayz is Fast Growing LGBTQ Booking Platform -
FabStayz is fast growing LGBT accommodations booking platform in the US

FabStayz is Fast Growing LGBTQ Booking Platform

I’ve had the chance to meet Robert Geller, mastermind behind FabStayz.com and he’s on to something big. In June 2019 he launched FabStayz.com to help the LGBTQ community find welcoming accommodations. Recently FabStayz has welcomed its 1,000th listing, making it ‘among the fastest growing LGBTQ accommodations platforms’. Up until now, it has been uncomfortable for some to find LGBTQ friendly accommodations through traditional booking platforms.

FabStayz can help you book an LGBT-friendly accommodation – tiny or huge. (Photo credit: Carlos Rafael Photography)

Fabstayz launched by recognizing LGBT+Ally Hosts from Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, and HomeAway. The company aims to remove the ‘coming out’ conundrum for LGBTQ travelers when booking accommodations. When planning travel to unknown parts, I know this has been true for our family. Triton and I haven’t always felt like outing ourselves by asking a host if the area is gay friendly. Yes there are many LGBTQ friendly hotels, but it’s been harder to find private rentals.

FabStayz Helps Find LGBTQ Friendly Accommodations

With 14+ million listings available across the major short-term rental platforms, FabStayz.com solves this problem. The platform’s FabHosts are recognized LGBT+Ally Hosts fostering welcoming safe spaces for all.

From the FabStayz homepage, visitors can search for accommodations across the US.

Featured listings include such unique properties as tiny homes in Portland, Oregon to a castle tower in France. Others vary from a vintage RV on a hillside in Los Angeles, to a restored firehouse in Chattanooga, TN.  There are home shares, beach front condos, and guest suites throughout the United States. Other countries also available include Brazil, Canada, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Poland, and United Kingdom.

A quick screenshot shows a bunch of FabStayz accommodations on the website.

Our Own Experience Booking LGBTQ Friendly Accommodations

When our girls were little, we still wanted to travel the world. The wanderlust did not diminish with toddlers in the house, so we just keep going! The thing was, not all places could be considered LGBTQ friendly accommodations nor could you find gay-friendly hotels. We had a hard time figuring out which was – and which wasn’t. Most of the time we were right, and a couple of times we were very, very wrong.

Pack your bags, honey. The world is waiting for you! (Photo credit: Carlos Rafael Photography)

Mind you, nothing outwardly bigoted happened to us. It’s just a feeling – a feeling anyone in the LGBTQ community can relate to. The last thing any of us wants to feel when we are on vacation is uncomfortable and suspicious.

We Are Airbnb Hosts Too

We actually own and operate two Airbnb rental units ourselves. Both are located in extremely LGBTQ friendly accommodations areas, and still we realize that might not be enough. So Triton and I are making the commitment to put our own properties into the Fabstayz platform. This way, there is no question to our fellow LGBTQ community members that our homes welcome all people.

Our own short term rental home in San Diego.

If you’re interested, you can find our San Diego homes on Airbnb here for Mission Hills and here for North Park. Soon you’ll be able to find them on Fabstayz too!

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