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Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes Your Family Will Adore

There are easy weeknight dinner recipes you can make that your family will love. They are delicious and quick and as healthy as you want to make them. Best of all, they are the go to recipes you need for when your kids say “what are we having for dinner tonight?”

The key points of these easy weeknight dinner recipes are that they don’t take a lot of ingredients, aren’t expensive, and there are not a ton of steps you have to do. Look for short cuts to help make your time cooking easier. Pre-washed and pre-cut vegetables are a huge help. Make use of pre-made sauces and pre-cooked meat too. Getting things prepared and prepped on the weekends is also going to help make busy weeknights a little bit easier.

Let’s get you started with these 5 easy weeknight dinner recipes that your whole family will enjoy.

5 Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes

  1. Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie from Meghan at Jamonkey.com

Chicken pot pie is a weeknight dinner that everyone can get behind. But you don’t have to make one of those frozen box dinners you remember from your childhood, nor do you need to make a homemade from scratch pot pie either. You can still enjoy the creamy goodness that is a chicken pot pie though. Have an easy weeknight dinner by making this Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie. Using the slow cooker is the way to go! It can make dinner a breeze. I love how this recipe is loaded with vegetables too. It is full of big, beautiful colors and bold flavors.


Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie
This Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie is rich and hearty. (photo by jamonkey.com)
  1. Leftover Chicken Soup from Maria at MamaliciousMaria.com

Leftover Chicken Soup is the easiest recipe in the universe. It is the recipe you whip up when you don’t know what to make. There’s probably a more appetizing name for this delicious, crazy easy dish, but Leftover Chicken Soup is just that: A pot full of leftovers that comes together so well. You start by “cheating”, using store bought chicken soup as the base and then you throw in any leftover chicken, sausage, rice, or vegetables you have on hand. Let it simmer in a big pot on the stove while the kids do their homework. Or, you can prepare it in the slow cooker. It really is one of the world’s easiest weeknight dinner recipes.


A little bit of everything makes this chicken soup so delicious. (photo by MamaliciousMaria.com)
  1. White Chicken Chili from Jon at 2DadsWithBaggage.com

This is one of the most delicious yet healthy soup recipes. The White Chicken Chili recipe is filled to the brim with juicy chicken. Go ahead and splurge on using only the best ingredients for this dish, especially the chicken. Your guests will thank you. (We like Perdue Farms Harvestland Diced Chicken Breasts for this recipe.) The unique white beans, a kick of chili powder and a yeasty beer all combine together to make a dish everyone just gobbles up! I suggest making a huge batch to serve when you have a big crowd coming over. Be sure to have lots of different toppings so each guest can make their own special concoction. Topping choices could include green onions, freshly grated cheese, tomatoes, sour cream and more.

Link: https://2dadswithbaggage.com/hearty-white-chicken-chili-recipe/

white chicken chili
This Hearty White Chicken Chili Recipe tastes even better with Perdue Farms Chicken
  1. Thai Lettuce Wraps from Krystyn at ReallyAreYouSerious.com

These lettuce wraps are crazy easy and they will impress your family just the same. Plus, if you have anyone in your family that doesn’t eat gluten, this recipe is gluten-free! Putting food into a lettuce wrap is nothing new. It’s just a great way to enjoy savory and tasty foods without the added carbohydrates and gluten found in bread, wraps or tortillas. These wraps are as refreshing as they are delicious and healthy.


Thai Lettuce Wraps are gluten-free! (photo by reallyareyouserious.com)
  1. Turkey Bolognese from Katy Sprattle Joyce of LifeDoneWell.Today

You can’t go wrong with this simple yet flavorful take on American-style Bolognese sauce. You can serve it over spiraled vegetables or any kind of noodles. This dish is thick and hearty and as comforting as a hug. Using ground turkey creates a healthier version of this traditional Italian dish. You get all of the flavor without adding the extra calories or fat. The tomatoes make the dish pop with bright acidic goodness. Try using fresh herbs to give it a really delicious flavor profile. This is one of those weeknight dinner recipes you can make in your slow cooker, Insta Pot, Dutch oven or a gigantic sauce pan.

Link: https://lifedonewell.today/delicious-and-healthy-turkey-bolognese-recipe/

A serving of this Turkey Bolognese is as comforting as a hug. (Photo by LifeDoneWell.Today)

The easy weeknight dinner recipes that are the best are the ones that either someone else makes or that you can get on the table with a minimum of effort. Get it on the table now!

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