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Duck Tongues? Well, OK I Guess…

My good friend Vera, a Chicagoan and expert foodie/chef, took me to dinner at Girl and The Goat last week while I was visiting Chicago. I’ve heard so much about Stephanie Izard and this famous restaurant, and was so grateful that Vera was able to get us a table on short notice. (My girl Vera is veeerrrry resourceful.)

The thing is, there are some “unusual” things on the menu here. Like duck tongues. Yep, let that one sink in for a moment – little Quacky McQuackerson gave up his tongue so I could sample it as a delicacy at a fancy Chicago restaurant. And you know what? It was delicious.

Really, the dish was outstanding!

I was brought up in a household where we were taught to eat what was put on the table. Coming from a Sicilian background, my Italian side of the family served up many an odd combination. Pigs feet pasta, beef knuckle, dandelion greens and cactus pears all made appearances regularly, and somehow they always tasted delicious. The only thing I remember trying one bite and then refusing to continue was some dish made from organ meat. Even now the thought of it kinda makes my stomach turn.

But those duck tongues at Girl and the Goat, served with tuna and black bean poke in a piri piri sauce, were so delicious we licked the plate clean. Haha – get it? Licked the plate clean!

The menu at Girl & The Goat was impressive – we had a hard time deciding.

If that dish sounds too odd for your palate, there is plenty here to please. The grilled pork belly with strawberries was incredible, and the sauteed green beans with fish sauce vinaigrette and cashews was a nice accompaniment. Despite the namesake, we did not choose to sample any of the goat items on the menu. Duck tongues were adventurous enough for one night.

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