Do You Care About Global Sustainability? Perdue Farms Does. -

Do You Care About Global Sustainability? Perdue Farms Does.

This blog post is written in partnership with Perdue Farms, and the thoughts expressed here are completely my own.

Global sustainability is all the rage right now. It’s a catch phrase that we seem to hear everywhere. Since I started working with Perdue Farms as a brand ambassador, I’ve been very intrigued with learning more about how this concept applies to their business. I learned that Perdue Farms  has very high standards and practices when it comes to sustainability.

Perdue Farms send these seed packets in each home delivery order.

From making their packaging biodegradable to putting flower seed packets in every home delivery box, Perdue seems to go well beyond the usual. Find out for yourself and order a home delivery from Perdue Farms to see what they are all about. Use my affiliate link and get this special deal on this Organic Chicken Bundle for just $49.99 (valued at $121).

Organic Chicken Bundle

Perdue Farms Sustainability Programs

With a long history of stewardship, Perdue Farms is setting an example for corporate sustainability programs. Maybe because it’s been family owned and managed for the last 4 generations. Or maybe because the Perdue Family has authentically good and caring hearts. Believe me, I’ve spent time with them and they really do!

And they were just recognized for another major accomplishment. Perdue Farms has become the first poultry company in the US to achieve a GreenCircle zero-waste certification. That is a huge deal!

Jim Perdue, CEO of Perdue Farms, leads the next generation into a sustainable future.







The Perdue Farms guiding principles focus on responsible stewardship. This covers their associates, the products they produce, the company itself and the resources they use. The company is particularly interested in the areas of environment and animal welfare. Both of these areas benefit us all. 

Stewards of the Land

Maryland-based Perdue Farms believes that farmers are the best stewards of the land, and if they have access to the resources, they will do what is best for their farm and for the environment. So, Perdue is intent on making that happen. From their new partnership with ShoreRivers, a local water keeper on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, to the Arbor Foundation, to the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Perdue Farms has been quietly growing unique collaborations that make a big impact on the Earth. 
Perdue Farms barns open on to fields where the chickens can roam, peck, and warm their feathers in the sun.
I love how Perdue Farms helps farmers who grow our food with financial resources and technical resources to reduce environmental impacts. When you know better, you do better. Perdue Farms is just helping to make that a reality.

Learning more about Perdue Farms sustainability programs makes me wonder how other companies compare when it comes to global sustainability. Also what does sustainability even mean? And how can two busy dads with two teenage daughters really incorporate it into our lives? Let’s dig in.

Newly hatched baby chicks are carefully transferred to farms – no antibiotics are used ever.

What is global sustainability?

In short, global sustainability refers the selfless acts of humans to preserve the environment that sustains life on this planet. It means putting the needs of the world before our own personal desires. It means thinking about how our actions effect other people and places – just as much as we think about how they will affect ourselves.

People and companies who are focused on global sustainability practices have a broader view of the impact of their actions on the world. This strategy is not just about being selfless. It’s about helping to solve today’s challenges of water shortage, hunger, and environmental concerns. Taking action will make the world better, which makes each of our lives better.

Our Kids are Our Teachers

Our girls come home from school with more knowledge about global sustainable practices than we would expect. I’m glad they are teaching kids about this subject in school. When our kids can remind us of ways to help preserve the environment, we all win. They are adamant about recycling, and watchful about packaging, waste and unnecessary papers. Direct mail pieces (particularly now with the elections coming) drive them crazy. And they are right!

Still, adults need to show our kids how to practice global sustainability by our own example. We can’t just say it’s important without actively participating in programs that make the world a better place. Kids watch and learn from us. Be a good teacher.

Incorporating Global Sustainability Into Our Lives

There are lots of small opportunities for us to do something to move us all towards solving the existential challenges that face our world right now. It doesn’t take gigantic actions. We don’t have to give up our personal lives to support the cause. There are easy things we can (and will) do each day. And you can do them too.

3 Sustainable Practices To Do Easily Today

1.    Buy from companies who support global sustainability.

Being an ambassador for Perdue Farms makes it simple for me. Perdue Farms and the Perdue Family are thoughtful stewards of the environment. From the small family farms they support to the way they present their products to their customers, sustainability is one of their most important social pillars.

Perdue Farms even uses ‘Planet’ as one of the four goals by which company associates are measured and held accountable each year. I love that they continue to take steps to lessen their carbon footprint and protect our ecosystem. Just by opening their boxes and eating their chicken (or bacon, pork or other products), I am making a conscious effort to be sustainable.

Look for companies who clearly state their goals. We support companies like Perdue Farms that  tell us what they are actually doing right now. It’s important for us to know how companies support the environment and other global sustainability practices.

Perdue Farms raises organic chickens in these open-air, free range yards.

2.    Drive less.

Driving less can help the environment, and us, in so many ways. It will reduce air pollution, lower the amount of wear and tear on our roads, and can even save us money. Through this practice, we are improving the quality of the air our families breathe. Think about cutting out one commute per week using a carpool, public transportation, or if possible walking or biking. This is one small action we can all do it that adds up to a big difference. We can also choose to do business with companies that work to reduce their own carbon footprints.

3.    Support causes that support sustainability.

Being a good steward of the environment is a responsibility for us all, right? So our family gives our time, money and talent to organizations that advocate for global sustainability. I appreciate that Perdue Farms  donates to the Arbor Day Foundation for every order they ship. The Arbor Day Foundation is on a mission to replant and revitalize damaged areas of the US forests.

Perdue Farms also includes a pollinator seed packet in every home delivery box so that we can support environmentalism in our own backyards. We’ve already spread several packets on the hillside behind our house and are waiting for the blooms to come in the Spring. With the blooms come bees, and the pollen spread by the bees helps replenish plants and the ecosystem.

Bottom Line: Global Sustainability Just Makes Sense

Being kind with other people, animals and the environment makes sense. It helps us all. With a global philosophy, we can help create a more sustainable world that is healthier for our families and others all over the world.

In order for the sustainability movement to thrive, let’s all expand our thinking and put the Earth first.

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