Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2023 - 2 Dads with Baggage

Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2023

Sponsored Post: After a while, it gets harder to be creative with Father’s Day gift ideas after years of recognizing dad. We know our daughters have a harder and harder time thinking of something fun and useful to get us. Coming up with a list of gift ideas for Father’s Day can be such a hassle, so these two dads have some suggestions for you.

Here’s a list of Father’s Day gift ideas full of things we know we’d like to receive. Maybe your dad would too? Of course, these can also be great graduation gifts as well!

List of Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Think outside the box this year! Speaking from experience, we dads have enough funny mugs, colorful socks and wacky t-shirts. Here’s a list of creative Father’s Day gift ideas we think will make any dad happy.

Punchbowl Digital Gift Cards

Everybody loves a good gift card, but they can get so impersonal. (Plus I have no idea how many I have lost over the years!) Punchbowl has come up with the perfect solution by allowing you to create and customize your own digital Father’s Day card. And along with the greeting card, you can send a digital gift card for a variety of retailers.

I decided to test out Punchbowl Digital Gift Cards and send one to Triton as a surprise from the girls. Since he is a Starbucks fanatic, I found a Father’s Day digital greeting card that fit the theme and paired it with a gift card to Starbucks he can redeem digitally. And boom! Instant love delivered directly to him via text or email for Father’s Day. If Starbucks is not your thing, there are so many other options to choose from such as DoorDash,, Home Depot, Panera and more.

This takes just a couple of minutes to put together! Check out Punchbowl Digital Gift Cards for Father’s Day to create your own now.

TwelveSouth iPad Stand

We love the solution this HoverBar Tower iPad stand provides busy dads on the go. Juggling a workout into our schedules can be a challenge and this hands-fee innovation allows dads to position our iPad where we need it most.

  • Want to do an Apple Fitness+ workout with your screen positioned properly at eye level? Check.
  • Want to read that gripping new digital spy thriller on your iPad while riding your stationary cycle? Check.
  • Need an extra screen on your desk where you can easily see it and give it voice commands for Facetime calls or other functions? Check.

Special Offer: Get 15% off your HoverBar Tower by TwelveSouth now through June 30 by using the discount code HoverBar at checkout.


Sometimes the best thing you can get Dad is a gift that helps others. Givafifth is an innovative fundraising platform that allows 501c3 non-profit organizations to raise funds through the sale of branded items available on the Givafifth website. For each item sold,  Givafifth will donate 20% of the purchase price to the charity of the buyers’ choice. The shoppers gets to support an organization they care about, and at the same time purchase cool apparel and other goods and accessories that further the message.

For example, Givafifth has a series of graphic t-shirts that illustrate this message using five identical items – four in one color and one in a contrasting color. This pattern signifies the 20% donation concept. Like this FIVE FISH design for example, with a stylish graphic printed on 100% soft-spun cotton.

The graphic 16-oz Fave Tumbler with the fun repeating G5 pattern is another cool example of products available from Givafifth. This and many other items can all be purchased while raising money and awareness for your charity of choice.

Special Offer: Any non-profit organization can become a member of Givafifth for free, and can get free marketing support as well. Right now if you want to buy Dad something meaningful and help children’s arts and animal-related charities, use code 796579 at checkout on the Givafifth website.


You might have thought Build-A-Bear was just for little kids, but think again! Many adults love receiving these furry friends to celebrate important events like Father’s Day, Graduation and more. It’s become a multi-generational global brand that brings smiles to everyone’s faces – Dads, Grads and pretty much everyone else too.

You can shop at a Build-A-Bear Workshop near you or online to customize the perfect gift for your Dad or Grad. In our case, we decided to gift a Build-A-Bear fuzzy bear to a friend graduating from high school this year. (Must say, we might have been a tad jealous this did not turn out to be a Father’s Day gift for us!)

To find out more, visit the Build-A-Bear website for ideas and details.

Kensington Books

I love to read in my spare time, and my favorite genre is action thrillers. There are two books out right now that have piqued my interest, and if my kids are reading this I hope they take this hint! These two books are from best-selling authors Marc Cameron and William W. Johnstone and are on sale now everywhere books are sold.

In BREAKNECK by Marc Cameron, a train ride through Alaska’s wilderness becomes a fight for survival involving the Russian mafia, a Supreme Court Justice, 800-pound grizzly bears and a gritty former US Marshal.  It’s an action-packed page turner sure to keep me riveted to the end.

Get your Dad a copy of BREAKNECK now.

LONE STAR LEGACY by William W. Johnstone is inspired by the true history of the legendary King Ranch in Texas in the 1850s. Two brothers defend their land from cattle rustlers, clueless settlers, border bandits and more. This is a gripping family saga about the pioneering men and women who risked everything for their land and future generations to come.

To gift Dad a copy of LONE STAR LEGACY, go here.

DAX Hair Products

OK one of the Dads in our family is a perfect match for DAX Hair Products, and the other wishes he was. LOL. Triton is known for his gorgeous silver locks, and is diligent in treating his hair right with great products from brands like DAX.

Proudly made in the USA since the 1950s, DAX has been helping men with their pompadours ever since. This old school cool is just as modern today, as guys with good hair want to make it look even better.

Try DAX Wave & Groom wax pomade for serious maximum hold that won’t wash out. For serious shine on thinner, shorter hair, try DAX Short & Neat wax pomade for a lighter hold. Either way you go, Dad will be super happy to be just a little bit more hip than he already is!

Special Offer: Get 25% off and free shipping by using the code DADBOX23 at checkout.




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